My Search for a New Blow Dryer

After going weeks without using a blow dryer on my hair, I now find myself using one more often. My household goods, including my hooded dryer, are in storage until I move into my new place after the new year so to get the last of the dampness out of my strands when air drying I've found myself pulling out my blow dryer.

Don't get me wrong, my Gold N Hot blow dryer is pretty good. It has done what it's supposed to do and has lasted me for several years with no issues; doesn't have a true cool setting or a cold shot. So I set out to Sally's and Ulta to find a one that does.

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Though I didn't buy my dryer at Ulta, the staff was awesome and very helpful. They showed me their best sellers at the low and high price ends. They also brought out their head stylist to walk me through some of the better dryers they sell. He asked me several questions - did I relax my hair or if it was natural and straightened it, how often I used direct heat, and how often I was planning to use the dryer. Based on that information he walked me through some of his recommendations and provided me with a few tips:
    • The best type of dryer is one that is ionic tourmaline. The emitted heat is less harsh and these types of dryers take less time to dry the hair
    • Stay away from Revlon dryers. They don't last long and don't dry quickly
    • Conair dryers are ok for being in the lower price range, but they have just trace amounts of ceramic that tend to burn off after a few uses
    • On the lower end, Hot Tools is your best bet. They last a long time and a built well. The two he had used and said were his favorites are The Gold Touch Turbo Ionic Dryer and Ionic Anti-Static 1875 Watt Salon Dryer. They are about $45; more than I was looking to spend
    • Remington dryers are decent
    • Dryers that tout being infused with argan oil dryers aren't worth the money. He didn't see how argan oil in a dryer can do anything for your hair. Argan oil in a flat iron yes, blow dryer no. I echo his sentiment

      Since I'm not looking to use the dryer every week and see it as a back up to air drying and my hooded dryer, I held off on purchasing at Ulta and went next door to Sally's to see what they had in stock. I ended up purchasing the Helen Of Troy Hot Shot Tools Turbo Ionic Dryer Ceramic Tourmaline dryer at Sally's on sale for $39.99. I've used it once now and so far so good. I'm hoping I made a good purchase. If it starts to fail, I'll be going back to Ulta for one of the Hot Tools dryers.

      What to look for in a good blow dryer |

      What blow dryer do you use and how often?

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      1. It's expensive but I love my FHI Heat. I used to use Hot Tools but it left my hair parched. I noticed my hair always felt moisturized after my stylist used his FHI blow dryer on me. I asked him to buy one for me at a hair show and I haven't looked back.

        1. Interesting; thanks for sharing. How much is the FHI Heat? What type of settings does it have?

      2. Wow, never knew that especially the argan oil in the blow dryer but it does make sense tho. Great post!


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