The benefits of these conditioners

Protein conditioners

On the other hand moisturizing conditioners

Hair Wash Day: Maintaining a Moisture and Protein Balance

Protein Conditioners versus Moisturizing Conditioners | A Relaxed Gal

When you should use a moisturizing or protein conditioner

The key sign for when a protein conditioner is needed your hair stretches more than it normally does and then breaks without returning no matter whether it is dry or wet 

Use a moisturizing conditioner when your hair feels brittle and/or hard. Another sign a moisturizing conditioner is needed is when your hair strands don't have any stretch or elasticity and snap easily.

How to tell which is which

It can be hard to tell when a conditioner falls into the protein or moisturizing camp. The two best indicators are what the conditioner says it does and the ingredients. Protein conditioners typically talk about stopping breakage and strengthening the hair. Additionally, they have ingredients like Keratin, Amino acids, Yogurt, Biotin, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Hydrolyzed rice protein, Silk protein, and Soy protein just to name a few.

Now the confusing part is sometimes a moisturizing conditioner may have a protein in the ingredient list. Personally, I consider a conditioner a moisturizing one if it has one or fewer protein ingredients. And if it does have a protein ingredient it's really low down on the list.

The difference between protein and moisturizing conditioners |

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