Now for how I actually do the cross wrap:

1. Detangle

I moisten my hair and detangle first with my fingers. Then I finish up with my comb.

2. Part my hair

Using my fingers I part my hair down the middle of my head making two pigtails.

Cross wrapping hair tutorial: Parting hair | @arelaxedgal

3. Pin one side one up

I take one side and pin it up on the opposite side of your head. Secure with a hairpin or two.

Cross wrapping hair tutorial: Pinning up side one |

4. Pin the other side up

I take the other side and secure it to your head with a hairpin.

Cross wrapping hair tutorial: Pinning up side two | @arelaxedgal

5. Tie on satin scarf/wrap

I take the satin scarf and wrap it around my head. Then I  secure it tightly, but not too tight, so it stays on at night.

Cross wrapping hair tutorial: Tie on satin scarf |

6. Remove hairpins

I do this so they don’t leave any dents or kinks in my hair. Plus I can avoid the potential of them digging into my scalp while I sleep.

Cross wrapping hair tutorial: Removing hair pins | @arelaxedgal

What's been your experience with cross wrapping?

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  1. I like doing both and its less tension to cross wrap than to full warp. Full wrap gives me better results

    1. Yes it is less tension with the cross wrap. I've seen some ladies who have had hair loss on their edges from doing the full wrap the same way everyday. For some reason I could never master the full wrap.

  2. I'll be trying this out......

  3. Thanks, I'll try this technique tonight!

  4. I cried because I was frustrated with the full wrap. Still got frustrated with this one but it's better.