Relaxer Touch Up #2 in 2015

Here it is at long last. My relaxer touch up update. The plan was to do a video, but between a busy schedule and bad lighting it hasn't happened. It may still though. We'll see.

Now to the update. I got my hair relaxed at 18 weeks post which was the longest stretch I've ever done. I was surprised at how few issues I experienced.

A relaxer touch up update after stretching my relaxer for 18 weeks. | @arelaxedgal 

Before heading to the salon I had based my scalp and covered my relaxed hair with Vaseline to protect it. When I got to the salon the stylist started by basing my scalp with oil and while doing that found out my hair wasn't fully detangled. That was surprising for me because I had detangled twice the week leading up to the appointment. It seems my natural hair is very curly and tends to curl up on itself. There were some areas the stylist would detangle, go back to and have to detangle again. There were also some strands that I apparently didn't detangle fully as they were hidden in all of the thickness.

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After rinsing out the relaxer the stylist started to shampoo my hair and then had to stop as she was seeing the relaxer didn't fully rinse out in the areas the new growth had been curling up on itself. She ended up spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time rinsing out my hair to make sure the relaxer was all out before she starting shampooing.

After that everything went fine. She shampooed me a couple of times and then conditioned my hair. Then she sat me under a hooded dryer for a little, gave me a trim and then curled my ends with a curling iron. I loved the resulting curls and my ends looked fabulous.

I cross wrapped that night and had some nice waves the next day. After that my hair looked flat so I decided to wash my hair which brought it back to life.

A relaxer touch up update after stretching my relaxer for 18 weeks. | @arelaxedgal

The stylist I went to was different than the one I visited in February as I'm trying to find a stylist since moving to Florida. Would I go back to her again? Probably not. She charges for a virgin relaxer if you're more than 8 weeks post. While being nice about it, she basically said she doesn't believe in relaxer stretching. Particularly if it's longer than 8 weeks. Oh well, back to trying to find a stylist.

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  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to that stylist. I went to a Dominican salon years ago, told them that my hair was texlaxed but once the stylist went to shampoo me, she told me that she was going to charge me as a natural because my hair wasn't bone straight. Hmph...

    I never went back again...

    Good luck finding a new stylist and thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

  2. Your hempline has been so consistent. Most stylist don't understand why we stretch our relaxers. Hope you find a new one soon


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