How To Prep Your Relaxed Hair For A Beach Day

Ah, summer. With it comes multiple opportunities to spend time outside. Time at the beach either lounging on the sand or playing in the water.

Yes, relaxed ladies. I said playing in the water. Just because you're relaxed doesn't mean you can't get your hair wet.

I wash my hair once a week sometimes twice. I swim and even shower without using a shower cap. Nothing bad happens to my hair. In fact, water adds moisture to hair so water can be a good thing.

While water can add moisture to the hair, saltwater combined with the sun can wreak havoc. So a day at the beach could be a setback in your quest for healthy hair. Don't let it! Take action and do some prep for your hair before you head out into the sun and sand. Here are my key tips for prepping relaxed or natural hair for a day at the beach.

How To Prep Your Relaxed Hair For A Beach Day | A Relaxed Gal
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Apply conditioner

Coating your strands with a moisturizing conditioner before hitting the salty ocean allows them to absorb something that's good for them instead of a lot of salt water. The conditioner will also help your hair not dry out too quickly from the heat and sun.

I typically just use a cheap but moisturizing rinse-out conditioner like the Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner or Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Moisturizing Conditioner.

Wear flat twists or braids

Wearing your hair in a controlled hairstyle instead of loose helps to reduce friction to your strands. Friction can lead to tangles, dryness, and even breakage. Wearing braids or flat twists also helps to lessen tangles that can result from wet hair. You can find several of those types of styles in my post 
10 Awesome Summer Hairstyle Tutorials.

Tips for protecting your hair at the beach | A Relaxed Gal

Use sunscreen

Yep, sunscreen. Your hair and scalp need to be protected just like the rest of your body. You can get this protection from sunscreen specially formulated for use on hair, natural oils like sunflower oil that have UV blocking power, or shea butter.

Wear a hat

Sunscreen can help protect your hair from the sun's rays, but a hat is even better. It keeps your scalp covered, but you can tuck your hair up under it keeping your hair safe from friction caused by sea breezes or wind.

What are your tips for preparing your hair for the beach?


  1. Great tips, I didn't know there was sunscreen for you hair, I am going to have to remember that for the future!

    1. Thanks Keoshia. Hair sunscreen was a new thing for me, but I discovered last summer when I was preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic.