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Four Ways To Save Money On Groceries

I'm weird. Why am I weird? I'm a saver.

Yep, I like to keep money around for a rainy day and one of the ways I do that is by saving money on purchases such as groceries. This all started a few years ago when I was trying to build up my rainy day fund and was trying to cut back on expenses.

By doing some research I found that I could save a couple of hundred a year on groceries if I did it right. And I guess I did do it right because I did save a few hundred a year for a few years. Here's how I did it.

4 tips for how you can save money on groceries |

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1. Sales

This is probably the easiest way to save, but on it's own not the biggest money saver. The grocery store I found with the best sales is Harris Teeter. Sadly they don't have stores where I now live in Florida.

When I look for sales it's not just for a certain amount off, but buy 1 get 1 or buy 2 get 3 sales. I've typically seen these types of sales with boxed or frozen items. You rarely see them for produce or dairy products. To capture these types of sales I look at the online circulars for the main grocery stores in my area.

2. Coupons

Once again on their own they aren't always a huge money saver unless you're buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at a time and/or the store doubles coupons. In today's digital age there are several options for getting coupons several that don't require clipping them out like mom or grandma used to do. My favorite coupon site and app are:

You can have coupons uploaded to your grocery store card (if your store is on the list). Or you can opt to print and cut them out. 


This is an app where you select your grocery store and then the products you'd like to save on and they are added to a list in the app. Once you've bought the products you scan the UPC for the products and scan the receipt. Within a day or so the savings amount is added to your account. You can cash out once you've amassed $10.

The great thing about this is you have the option to save on generic/store brand products or brand name products. Signing up is easy and you could earn $10 when using my referral link and code

Walmart Savings Catcher

If you buy groceries at Walmart you can also save a little more using this feature in the Walmart app. After purchasing your grocery products at Walmart upload your receipt to the app by scanning the bar or QR Code or manually entering the info. After that the app will see if there are better deals at other local stores. If there are, Walmart will give you a refund for the difference that you can redeem fora Walmart gift card.

Cut your grocery bill with these 4 tips |

3. Sale and coupon stacking

This is the biggest money saver and how I have saved a couple of hundred on groceries a year. Here's how this works. Say the grocery store has a buy 1 get 1 free sale which basically means I get two for the price of one. Well I have two coupons for that product and use both, getting even more off!

Here's an example from one of my trips:
Buy 1 cereal, get 1 free = $3.50
Use one $0.50 coupon that's doubled
Use one $0.50 coupon that's doubled
Final cost $1.50 for 2 boxes of cereal ($2.50 if coupons aren't doubled)

4. Discount grocery stores

While I've use sales and coupons regularly I also shop at discount grocery stores like Aldi. I've found I can save quite a bit on produce, frozen foods and boxed items.

How do you save money on groceries?

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  1. Great tips! Couponing is something i want to get into

  2. I just downloaded ibotta maybe 3 weeks ago. I like it because it's so easy to use. Here's my referral if you don't mind being on the same team: ayjyqa (i think that's how it works right? I don't actually have a team, haha)

    1. Thanks for reading. I looked up to see how we can be on the same Ibotta team and it looks like we'd have to be Facebook friends.

  3. I shop at Aldi pretty exclusively. It has saved us $150 per month.

    1. Wow, that's great! What are your favorite products to buy at Aldi?