Setting My 2016 Relaxed Hair Goals

Now that 2016 is only a few weeks away, I took some time to sit down and reflect on 2015. I wanted to see how I did with achieving my relaxed hair goals set for 2015 and then start to create new goals for 2016.

Keep reading to see my 2015 hair goal recap and the new goals I have for 2016.

Setting relaxed hair goals for 2016 | A Relaxed Gal

Final Progress with 2015 Goals

1. Maintain the health of my hair

Grade A+
After a few trims and good relaxer stretch, my ends looked good and I was able to maintain length. I was also able to keep my relaxed hair moisturized without using a lot of product.

2. Minimize the number of new products I try this year

Grade A
I think I tried fewer new products in 2015 than I did in 2014. Mostly because I’ve got a good list of products that work for me and I don’t have any reason right not to stray from them. Of the new products I did try in 2015 only a few became regimen staples. Below are some of the product reviews I did this year

3. Protect my ends at least five days a week

Grade B
I did really well with this during the first 10 months of the year. After my last touch up I decided it was time to enjoy my hair and I’ve worn it out a lot more than usual. I will say that days I wear it out I try to clip it up when I’m in the car traveling or keep it wrapped when I’m at home. I think that has allowed me to avoid any dryness or major breakage.

4. Find a new stylist

Grade B+
I tried three stylists this year and I think the last one who touched up my relaxed hair could be it. Here's the recap I shared for my latest touch-up.

2016 Goals

1. Maintain the health of my hair

This will always be a goal no matter what

2. Enjoy my hair more 

This includes wearing my hair down more and maybe even styling it sometimes. Which leads me to goal three

3. Try one new hairstyle each quarter

This will be a tough one for me. I don’t like styling my hair myself since I’m not good at it and it ends up taking a lot of time to get my hair to look decent.


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