The Benefits Of Penetrating Natural Oils For Your Hair

Penetrating natural oils are some of the more popular oils out there. When browsing hair care pins on Pinterest I see a lot of pins for homemade oil treatments and conditioners with the majority of them including at least one penetrating oil - avocado oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.

Penetrating natural oil benefits for your hair | A Relaxed Gal
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Penetrating oils are great to use before washing your hair because they have water-repelling capabilities. They penetrate the hair shaft when applied to dry hair. This prevents the hair strands from soaking up lots of water which can lead to what is called hygral fatigue.

Hygral fatigue is the name for hair damage caused by water expanding and contracting the hair strand. Excessive amounts of water cause the hair strand to expand and contract when it enters the hair strand and leaves. The damage caused is a weakened hair strand that may break and has porosity issues.

By using penetrating natural oils you can help to prevent or lessen the amount of hygral fatigue damage to your hair.

Avocado oil


  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Helps to prevent split ends
  • Draws in, retains, and locks in moisture
  • Nourishes hair strands
  • Can provide some UV protection


  • Avocado oil can be a little thick so it should be applied sparingly. It can be used as a heat protectant for some heat styling.  

How natural oils can help protect your hair |

Coconut Oil


  • Helps with moisture retention
  • Can provide dandruff prevention
  • Helps with protein restoration


Coconut oil will solidify at a certain temperature. Not just in the jar, but also on your head. So this oil is better suited for warmer temperatures. I typically use coconut oil in the spring and summer. If I use it in the winter it's in my hot oil treatments so the oil is always warm.

Olive oil


  • Increases hair manageability
  • Adds shine
  • Reduces scalp issues


Olive oil is the heaviest oil of the three which means it can make your hair feel oily or greasy. Not something you want. So it's best to apply this oil sparingly. So I don't run into this issue I mostly use olive oil for a hot oil treatment or added to my conditioner as an enhancer.

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