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How to Easily Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Social media is a great and essential way to drive traffic and readers to your blog. With so many social sites to choose from, I found myself signing up for several of them - Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. With all of these social sites, it can be hard to successfully manage all them in conjunction with a blog.

Fortunately, there are many tools out there that help make social media management easier by automating it. I currently use the free version of Hootsuite for Twitter. By using Hootsuite I can automate my tweets so I'm active on Twitter without having to find time throughout the day for posting. This has helped me gain more followers than I believe I would have without the automated posting.

How to Easily Boost Your Blog Traffic from Pinterest |

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Pinterest is another social site where I've had issues staying active. I especially wanted to be successful on Pinterest after reading the stories and experiences from other bloggers who saw traffic from Pinterest help them grow their blog.

On my own, I did a lousy job of pinning several days a week. Forget about pinning everyday. My strategy was to try to pin a few pins before I headed to work. A few pins during my lunch break and a few more after I got home from work. While this helped me gain some followers, it just wasn't enough. I was probably averaging 1-5 new followers a month. So I decided I needed help.

I searched online for a tool similar to Hootsuite, but for Pinterest, that would help me. After doing some research I found and read many, many blog posts on tools that help with Pinterest automation and management. One of those tools I read about was EveryPost. I signed up for a free trial and it ended up being cumbersome. I don't think I even finished the free trial.

Next, I tried a free trial of BoardBooster. After just a few days I started to see some positive outcomes.

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is an online tool that helps you manage your Pinterest profile in the following areas:
  • Pin scheduling
  • Board clean up
  • Improving pin quality
  • Group board management
  • Board optimization

How does BoardBooster work?

There are three ways to schedule pins with BoardBooster - scheduler, looping, and campaigns. During my free trial, I used the scheduler and looping. But after paying for a subscription I branched out and started using campaigns as well.


After signing up for BoardBooster you are asked to link your Pinterest account. With your Pinterest account linked, BoardBooster sets up secret Pinterest boards that correspond to your public boards. You pin content to the secret boards and then BoardBooster pins that content to your public boards based on the schedule you set.

I really like the scheduler works because I can several, even hundreds, of pins to the secret boards, but only the number I specified are pinned each day. This has been a lifesaver because I can still pin whenever I want, but it's not obvious to my followers or the Pinterest algorithm.

How to Easily Boost Your Blog Traffic from Pinterest |


The looping tool takes old pins towards the bottom of your boards and brings them back to the top by repining them. Because of this, the feature works best with large boards, ones with hundreds of pins. It would look weird to have several of the same pins close together.

With this tool, you can set several parameters, such as
  • Which boards you want to loop
  • How many pins per day, per day are repinned
  • The timeframe for the repinning
  • Deletion of duplicate pins 


Using the campaign feature is great if you want to pin the same pin to multiple boards at once or over a period of time. With the campaign feature, you have two options
  1. Scheduled campaigns - takes pins from a secret board and pins them to your designated boards based on the schedule you set.
  2. Random campaigns - randomly pin from your designated board to your selected group boards within a timeframe set.

I decided to use random campaigns to pin my content to group boards. Basically, because it takes less time to set it up which works with my schedule. For the group boards I'm currently pinning to I have my campaign pull pins from the board with all of the blog posts.

How much does BoardBooster cost?

When comparing BoardBooster to other Pinterest managers the cost really isn't too bad as each plan comes to about $0.01 per pin.

You can sign up using my affiliate link. While I'll make a little side cash, you can take advantage of BoardBooster's free trial of 100 pins for free. This will allow you to test BoardBooster out without having to pay. If you like it after you've used your 100 free pins, you can choose from one of the following plans:
  • 500 pins/month for $5
  • 1,000 pins/month for $10
  • 2,000 pins/month for $20
  • 3,000 pins/month for $30
  • 5,000 pins/month for $50

If you're still not convinced let me share with you more about my experience with BoardBooster.

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How I used BoardBooster during my free trial

When I first started with BoardBooster I took advantage of the 100 pins free trial. The trial lasted about a week as I got through the 100 pins in that timeframe. Though BoardBooster has several features I only used the scheduler and looping in order to maximize my 100 free pins. To take this even a step further I only scheduled and looped pins for my most popular boards.

To schedule my pins I clicked the ad boards button and selected which my top boards which I determined from my Pinterest analytics report. After selecting my boards I went to each one and manually selected how many pins each would get and during what timeframe - days and time of day. Then I went to Pinterest and started sourcing content that I wanted to be scheduled.

To set up the looping tool was a similar process. I selected the boards I wanted. Then I manually selected how many pins and during what time of day they should be pinned. Additionally, I selected some other settings available for the looping feature. Some of the settings include how to handle duplication, how to handle pins with comments, and how pins should be selected.

What I liked
  • I was able to pin consistently throughout the week
  • I didn't have to find time in my day to pin to my boards
  • I wasn't bombarding my followers with pins at random times
  • I didn't have to manually go through my Pinterest analytics report to determine my least popular pins and then manually remove them from my boards
  • My blog traffic from Pinterest increased exponentially from the previous month
  • I saw some increases in my average daily repin, average daily repinners and followers

What I didn't like

  • By pinning to the secret boards I couldn't schedule specific pins at certain times
  • Having to put in the settings for the scheduler and looping

As you can see my likes outweighed my dislikes. So after trying out another Pinterest automation tool I came back to BoardBooster and paid for 500 pins/month option. I've also taken some learnings from my free trial and made some changes to how I'm using the tool.

How I'm using BoardBooster now

I'm still only using the scheduler and looping, but I've taken my learnings from the free trial and using them to be more strategic with how I'm using BoardBooster. Now I'm using the scheduler for my five top boards making sure I have one board from each category. I'm only using the looping tool for five of my boards that either has several of my blog posts, have close to/more than 100 pins and get the most repins.

Once I set up the boards I would be using BoardBooster for I updated the time settings for each board leveraging data from BoardBooster and my blog posting schedule.

My blog posting schedule at the time was:
  • Wednesdays: Hair and beauty (makeup and skincare)
  • Saturdays: Lifestyle (blogging, travel, home)
  • Tuesdays/Friday: Time sensitive posts

So I set my makeup and hair boards to pin Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. My lifestyle boards pin Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If my blog posting schedule changes, my Pinterest schedule will change to match it.

After determining the days of the week each board would pin, I set the time of day. Because my BoardBooster account is linked to my Pinterest account it's been able to gather some data and provide me with optimal pinning times for my entire account and specific boards.

After one month of using this strategy, I saw some really good results. Even better than during my free trial. I've seen an increase in followers and my stats increased across the board by a decent amount
  • Average daily viewers +36%
  • Average daily repins +148%
  • Average daily repinners +36%
  • Average daily clicks +105%
  • Average daily visitors +82%

And after one month I saw a
  • 177% increase in blog traffic from Pinterest. It quickly became my top traffic driver
  • 55% increase in Pinterest followers

With these types of increases, I'm really glad I decided to spend the $5 for a subscription. I also decided to keep using BoardBooster because I feel it's worth the money.

If you'd like to give Board Booster a try with 100 free pins you can do so using my referral link Happy pinning!  

How do you manage your Pinterest boards?


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