How I Avoid Tangles When Shampooing My Hair

One thing that always made me dread washing my hair was the tangles I would get. Especially when I had two textures on my head - natural and relaxed. When my hair tangled I would spend a lot of time sectioning my hair and carefully detangling each section trying to not damage my hair any more than necessary. I wasn't always successful.

The sad thing is because my hair would tangle after I shampooed it more often than not, I didn't think about it and thought it was normal for my hair. Boy, was I wrong.

What those tangles were telling me is my hair was damaged. Especially the outer layer. When the outer layer of the hair strand is damaged it opens up allowing it to catch or snap with other strands causing tangles. And tangles can lead to hair breakage and unwanted hair cuts.

I've been able to avoid the crazy tangles through trial and error, research, and patience. I now don't have issues with tangles by instituting these three techniques:

How to avoid tangles when shampooing hair | A Relaxed Gal

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1. Detangle before I wash my hair

By detangling before I wash my hair I'm removing the chance of any tangles becoming worse or potential tangles becoming actual tangles. This also allows the water to easily flow through my hair which helps keep it detangled during the wash and allows all the product to rinse out.

When I detangle I start by dividing my hair into sections. Usually about four total. I then coat each section with a conditioner or detangler. This allows my fingers and the comb to glide more easily through my hair. First I finger-detangle section-by-section starting from the ends. I then follow up by using my wide-tooth comb. My comb of choice is the Hercules Sagemann Seamless Comb.


2. Wash hair in braids or twists

This may seem odd, but it really does help. After detangling each section I then loosely braid or twist them and clip each section to the top of my head. The braids or twists keep my hair in place so strands aren't rubbing against each other and getting tangled.

The braids and twists also help me to more easily wash my hair in sections without the strands rubbing against each other or re-tangling.

Shampooing your hair without it tangling |

3. Use products with slip

Throughout my wash day, I try to use products that help me to glide my fingers and comb through my hair. This applies to the detanglers and conditioners I use throughout the wash. 

What are your techniques for avoiding tangles when you wash your hair?


  1. Mane N Tail detangler is my favorite. Sections definitely works but never tried braids.

    1. I've never tried Mane N Tail, but have heard good things from others as well. Thanks for sharing Tomes!