4. Only relax unprocessed hair

I repeat only apply the relaxer to your new growth. The new growth is the hair that hasn't been previously relaxed. Once hair is relaxed it doesn't need to be relaxed again with the exception being the hair was underprocessed but that's a whole different conversation. You only want to relax the new growth because relaxing previously relaxed hair can overprocess it. This weakens the hair even more and can cause some serious breakage.

4 things you can do to protect your hair from overlap and overprocessing during a relaxer touchup. | arelaxedgal.com
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  1. I just relaxed after being natural for 2 1/2 years. I put a lot of work trying to understand my hair however the regimen for relaxed hair i am having a hard time with. I have high porosity hair.

    Currently, the products i am using.
    1. Olive Oil Relaxers
    2. Hello Hydration Conditioner
    3. Hair Mayo
    4. QP Elasta Leave in
    5. Olive Oil for Penetrating Oil
    6. Jamaica Blk Cast for seal

    * I purchased Aloe Vera juice to do a mist but not sure when to use it.
    -Maybe while i am stretching relaxer with protective styles?

    *Apogee Protein pack

    *Apogee Mousse for when i am stretching.