I try to pre-poo once a week and most of the time I use some type of conditioner. Other times I want to get a little creative and mix some things up in my kitchen. When I do that I use one of two favorite  DIY mixes.

1. Natural oil pre-poo

Because this pre-poo mixture only uses oils, I will sometimes heat it up before applying so it doubles as a great hot oil treatment.

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2. Honey pre-poo

I like to use this pre-poo when the weather gets cooler because honey is a humectant and draws moisture from the air helping to keep my hair moisturized. Because honey is sticky and can be messy I like to use a conditioner as a base and help with mixing the honey with any other ingredients I add. While I sometimes add multiple ingredients, this particular recipe is the more common one I use.

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What are your favorite pre-poo mixes?

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