How I clean my brushes

1. Wet the brushes

To start I wet the brush bristles one of two ways. 1. Run some warm water over them or 2. soak them in a small bowl with warm water and a gentle shampoo or soap.

2. Apply the shampoo or soap

I then take a small dab of the shampoo or soap on my fingers and massage it into the bristles.

3. Rinse

After massaging the shampoo I rinse the bristles in warm water until the water runs clear. If it seems there’s a lot of makeup in the bristles I repeat the shampoo and rinse steps.

4. Dry

To dry the brushes I dab the bristles with the washcloth and gently reshape the bristles. Then I lay out the brush on the washcloth to start drying.  Later during the day, I put the brush in my brush stand with the bristles up. I’ve found my brushes dry quicker than sitting up than laying down and the bristles stay in shape.

Part of having a flawless makeup look is having a clean brush. You'd be surprised how dirty they can get. Here's a 4 step cleaning process for cleaning them. | @arelaxedgal

To do a deeper clean of my brushes I will soak my brushes in a small bowl that I fill with warm water with a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel. Then I go through the four steps noted above for cleaning my brushes. The hydrogen peroxide and witch hazel act as an extra measure for removing bacteria in the brush bristles.

It’s that simple and only takes a few minutes to do which is well worth it. 

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?

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