Where To Find Affordable And Beautiful Bedroom Lamps

One of the things I was most looking forward to about owning my own home is being able to decorate it however I want. The downside to that is decorating a house costs money. And with 500+ more square feet than any place I ever rented, decorating would cost a whole lot of money.

More money than I wanted to spend right away. Because of that, I decided I wouldn’t buy anything new for rooms that were already furnished. Rooms like my master bedroom, living room, and dining room.

Well, that lasted for only a few weeks. Two weeks after I moved in my parents visited me for a few days to help with the last of the unpacking and to see my house. During the visit, my mother and I were in my master bedroom and she noticed the lamps I had beside my bed. My mother matter-of-factly told me that I needed to replace them because they were lamps for a child’s bedroom not for a master bedroom.

Where To Find Affordable And Beautiful Bedroom Lamps | A Relaxed Gal
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I didn’t want to admit it, but she was right. If I remember correctly I’d had those lamps since high school so they were kind of juvenile. They also didn’t fit with the decor or size of my master bedroom. The only reason I’d had them for so long was that I didn’t see a need to spend money on new lamps when the ones I had still worked.

Despite not wanting to spend any money to decorate rooms that were already furnished, I decided that I really should replace the lamps. When I started searching for lamps for my bedroom I didn’t have a long criteria list. I just wanted lamps that looked more mature, had more of a presence, were neutral in color, and cost $40 or less each.

With those criteria in mind, I started checking out various online and brick-and-mortar stores. Here are some of the places I found affordable lamps.

Joss & Main/Wayfair

I personally prefer to shop online since I really don’t like to shop at all. So when I started looking for affordable lamps for my bedroom I turned to online stores like Joss & Main and Wayfair first. On both sites, I could easily filter through their variety of styles to find what I liked and even filter my search further to find lamps within my price range.

Another plus about searching for lamps on Joss & Main and Wayfair is they show you a picture of the lamp by itself and other pictures of the lamp in a room environment. Seeing it in a room environment helps you see the color scheme it fits with and you can determine if it works with your decor.

While I didn’t see many lamps I liked within my $40 price range I did find that you can find several nice lamps under $100 each which I discovered is a good price for nice table lamps.

Ross Dress for Less

Yep. You read right. Ross Dress for Less. While most of what Ross sells is clothing, they do have a section of the store dedicated to home decor. There you can find lamps of many styles and sizes all at reasonable prices. The trick to Ross is if you don’t see a lamp you fall in love with, you may need to keep going back as their inventory changes often. If you do find a lamp you love, you may want to get it that day. Otherwise, that lamp might have been sold by the time you go back.


My mother turned me onto Kirkland's. One of the great things about Kirkland's is you can shop online or go to the store. My first few times in the physical store I didn’t realize that they had lamps because the lamps are displayed on high shelves and I never thought to look up. Kirkland’s has multiple styles of lamps, including ones that are modern fitting my decor style, many of them under $60 each.


I have to admit I love the selection of home decor in this store and the lamp section doesn’t disappoint. Of all of the brick-and-mortar stores on this list, I think HomeGoods has the largest selection of modern lamps.

HomeGoods also does a good job of displaying the lamps so you can touch them, pick them up, and even see how much light the lamp provides.


Yep. This should probably be a no-brainer since Amazon has pretty much everything. You can find some really nice lamps to fit all budgets, including lamps in the $25-$50 range.

I really like the filters you can apply to make your search easier. In addition to searching by price range, you can search for lamps by color, wattage, style, and height just to name a few.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx

Though many people think of Marshalls and TJ Maxx as a place to buy clothes or purses they are also great places to find things to decorate your home such as lamps.

When searching for new bedroom lamps I found some that I liked I couldn’t find anything that really jumped out to me. Then one day I went to Marshalls and came across these beauties. Despite these lamps costing a little more than I wanted to pay, $50 each, I loved the elegance and sophistication of them and the unique lampshade.

Another plus for these lamps is they’re the perfect height for a bedside lamp. Decorator tips are at the bottom of the lampshade and should be even with your chin when sitting up in bed. This can equate to a lamp around 25-27 inches high give or take a few depending on your height, the height of your bed or nightstand.

Where to find affordable and beautiful bedroom lamps. | arelaxedgal.com 

Every time that I walk into my master bedroom I’m so glad that listened to my mother and bought new lamps. They look so good in my bedroom and have given it a whole new look. Until I bought these lamps I never really understood how one seemingly little decor change can transform a room.

What piece of affordable decor have you bought that transformed one of your rooms?