3. Don’t use bobby pins without the bulb

If you’ve ever looked at a bobby pin, you’ll see that the two ends have a little bulb. Well, that bulb is covering up a sharp edge. A really sharp edge. Since I tend to use bobby pins for my updos I’ve had a few hairstylists tell me to make sure the bobby pins I use have the bulb on the end. The sharp edge can slide your hair and give you an unwanted haircut.

4. Use a good moisturizer

Personally, I think what this particular stylist had in mind when it comes to a good moisturizer is an expensive moisturizer. But the overall sentiment isn’t wrong.

I’ve used several hair moisturizers over the years, some with a lot of cheap ingredients and some with many good ingredients. It’s no surprise that my hair preferred the moisturizers with the good ingredients. They also moisturized my hair better than the moisturizers with cheap ingredients. Moisturizer ingredients I try to avoid are mineral oil and petroleum.

Currently, my favorite hair moisturizers have been

5. Have a stylist do your permanent color

I’ve colored my hair myself in the past, but only with semi-permanent color. I was and am still far too scared to apply permanent color myself. I do know some people who were able to successfully color their hair at home by themselves, but I also know some who weren’t so successful. In my opinion, the application of chemicals should be left to the professionals.

 What helpful tips or advice have you received from a hairstylist?

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