5 Helpful Hair Tips I’ve Gotten From Hairstylists

I have gone to several hairstylists over the years to get a relaxer touchup, get just a hair wash and trim, and even get a consultation to see if I even would let them touch my hair. Some of the hair stylists I could tell were good ones, others weren't so good and so I only let them touch my hair once or not all. 

From the hairstylists that were good and I liked I would talk to them to get some advice on taking care of my relaxed hair. Some of them were more forthcoming than others with their tips. Here are 5 tips that were shared with me. There were several more but these were the common tips among all of the stylists.

5 Helpful Hair Tips I’ve Gotten From Hairstylists | A Relaxed Gal

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1. Regularly wash your hair and scalp

It's important to wash your hair and your scalp on a regular basis, whether you have a protective style like braids or a weave or your hair is loose and free. Washing our hair and scalp gets rid of things like oil, dirt, and product buildup that could cause issues. Too much dirt or oil that has built up on your scalp can cause irritation, leading to hair dandruff or hair loss. Washing your hair and scalp also keeps them from smelling bad which can be pretty embarrassing.

2. Deep condition your hair

Pretty much every hairstylist I've gone to has told me to do this. Some of them told me why others didn't. I wish I had listened to these hairstylists and probed for the reason why I should deep conditioner earlier than I did. I could have had healthier-looking and feeling hair a lot sooner.

For years I never deep conditioned my hair with the exception being using free samples I got or I happened to mix up a rinse-out conditioner with a deep conditioner.

Now that I deep condition my hair at least once a week I’ve noticed a huge difference in how it feels, looks, and behaves. 

3. Don’t use bobby pins without the bulb

If you’ve ever looked at a bobby pin, you’ll see that the two ends have a little bulb. Well, that bulb is covering up a sharp edge. A really sharp edge. Since I tend to use bobby pins for my updos I’ve had a few hairstylists tell me to make sure the bobby pins I use have the bulb on the end. The sharp edge can slice your hair and give you an unwanted haircut.

4. Use a good hair moisturizer

Not every good moisturizer is expensive though I think one of the stylists that told me this was thinking that. What makes a good hair moisturizer are the ingredients. When looking for a hair moisturizer for your hair here are some questions to ask
  • Is water one of the main ingredients? 
  • Is the moisturizer free from mineral oil and petroleum? 
  • Does it have a lot of silicones or just a few? 
  • Are there any ingredients that my hair really doesn't like?

5. Have a stylist do your permanent color

In the past, I’ve colored my hair myself, but only with semi-permanent color. I was and am still far too scared to apply permanent color myself. I do know some people who were able to successfully color their hair at home by themselves, but I also know some who weren’t so successful. In my opinion, the application of chemicals should be left to professionals.

 What helpful tips or advice have you received from a hairstylist?