7 Of The Best Tips For Shampooing Relaxed Hair

I have a little secret. I love washing my hair!

It may be hard to believe but I like the way my hair feels, looks, and acts after it’s been washed. So I look forward to wash day each week and sometimes am sad when I’m done washing hair. Partly because I enjoy shampooing my hair and partly because I don’t like the process of drying my hair but that’s for another blog post.

Did you know that having a clean scalp and hair is important to having healthy hair? Dirty hair and scalp only lead to issues and stunted hair growth. So it’s important to make sure we’re washing our relaxed hair properly so we can help it look and feel its best.

I’ve scoured the web to see if there were any tips out there to get the best results from shampooing my hair. What I found is that there are several, a lot of great tips. I gave many of them a trip and found 7 tips that helped me improve my hair washing sessions the most.

Keep reading to see those 7 tips.

squeezing shampoo from bottle into hand to wash relaxed hair.
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Tip 1: Use warm water

Hot water feels good and I like really hot showers but the hot water isn’t great for our relaxed hair as it can dry it out resulting in brittle hair. Instead of really hot water turn the faucet so the water is warm or lukewarm.

Using warm water is helpful because it opens up the hair cuticle which helps to rinse out built-up product, dirt, and other debris.

Tip 2: Drench your hair

This is something I wasn’t doing and once I started doing it I noticed a big difference. Having really wet hair when you apply the shampoo helps it to work better and provides a deeper clean.

I used to stick my head under the showerhead for a few seconds and then proceed to shampoo. Now before I apply any shampoo to my hair I fully soak, like completely drench, my hair with water. If I think my hair is soaked, I stay under the shower head for at least another 30 seconds.

Tip 3: Clean your scalp

Washing your hair is really more about washing your scalp. When you really think about it, it makes sense because that’s where our hair grows from. Washing your scalp helps to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up that collects there.

To really give your scalp a good clean, start by applying the shampoo directly to your scalp. To do this I pour some shampoo and a little water into an applicator bottle. It makes a really good lather and I can get the shampoo directly to my scalp.

Tip 4: Massage the shampoo

When you go to the hair salon this is what your stylist does and there’s a reason for it. They are trying to make sure you leave their salon with a clean scalp. It’s a good idea to massage the shampoo on your scalp for 1-3 minutes with the pads of your fingers or you can use a scalp massager.

Tip 5: Don’t bunch your hair up on your head

Yep. All of those old, and some new, shampoo commercials lied to us. You don’t want to bunch your hair when cleaning it because it will create knots and tangles. Keep your hair falling backward and pull the shampoo down from your roots to your ends.

Tip 6: Shampoo twice

You can shampoo once but I’ve personally found that it’s not as effective for me, especially because I wash my hair once a week. If you wash your hair more often, shampooing once is probably enough. If you shampoo less often like a couple of times a month doing the double shampoo may be beneficial.

My first shampoo is usually just to remove surface build-up, and the second time to really deep clean my hair.

Tip 7: Rinse completely

Not completely rinsing out the shampoo is something that usually happens by mistake. But it’s important to make sure there’s no shampoo left in your hair and especially on your scalp. Leftover shampoo can cause scalp irritation and have you washing your hair again a few days later (believe me because that’s happened to me a few times).

What are your shampooing tips?