Where Beauty Bloggers Can Find Great Stock Images

If you’re blogging about things like money, blogging, business, or food it’s pretty easy to find images. But for those of us who blog about beauty - makeup and skincare - it’s a lot harder to find good images to use.

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As a result, I tend to see the same images used by multiple bloggers. This got me thinking that there have to be stock image options out there for beauty bloggers. Good news! I’ve found some and I’m gonna share them with you.

As you look through these sites, take note of the usage rights or copyrights for each image as that will dictate how and where you can use the images. Also, some of these sites have free images and others are paid, so you’ll want to pay attention to that as well.

Ok, now for the fun part. The sites where you can find great beauty-related images.

Haute Stock

I love the images that Haute Stock provides. They are so clean, bright, and fun. Plus you have two options for getting access to the images.

Pay for a quarterly or yearly membership that gives you access to the whole library

Sign up for the free photo subscriber list which gives you a select few photos for free once a month

While there aren’t any photo libraries specific to beauty, you can find plenty of images in the Haute Stock library that would be perfect for a beauty blog.

Source: Haute Stock

iStock Photo

Out of all of the sites I’ve mentioned above, iStock is probably the best. When using their image search, I found many beauty and makeup-related images. So you can have your pick and have an easier time finding images that fit your brand aesthetic.

The kicker with iStock is though you can search for free you have to pay a fee to download the images. Costs range from $33 and go up from there depending on the number of images you’d like to be able to download and how you’d like to use them.

Also, you really need to pay attention to the image license to make sure you can use the image the way you’d like to.

Kerrie Legend

This is a resource I recently stumbled across. How I can’t recall, but it was a great find.

Kerrie Legend offers 40 free beauty-related images that you can download after you sign up for her email list.

List of sites with stock images for beauty bloggers | arelaxedgal.com


Of all of the free sites I found, Pexels seems to have the best variety in beauty stock images. You can find product-focused images that aren’t brand-specific. As well as images of makeup application.


Just like Pexels, you can find some good beauty images on Pixabay. They are also free to use. I did some searches for makeup and skincare and found several images that I like and would use for my beauty posts.

Beauty images I found on Pixabay include product-focused images and application images. So there’s a good variety available.


This is another site with free images. Unsplash has a smattering of beauty-related images available. Because these are free images, you may see some of them show up in the results of searches on other free image sites.

The type of beauty images available range from makeup application, makeup products, and makeup brushes. When I searched for makeup, here is a sampling of the images I found.

Source: Unsplash

Things to keep in mind with stock photos

Though hard to find, there are images out there that are perfect for beauty bloggers. You may just have to dig a little bit for them.

Once you find your beauty-related image and before downloading it, make sure you check the usage rights. Just because you can download the image doesn’t mean you can use it any way you want to.

Here are things you should look out for before downloading an image so you don’t get into any legal trouble with the photographer:

Is there a model release for the image?

This means that the model in the image has given their permission for their likeness to be used.

What type of license or usage does the image have?

Some images may limit the usage to personal or business use, may require attribution to the photographer, and don’t allow the image to be modified, or used on social media.

Social Media Examiner has a great article outlining info about image copyrights and usage for social media.

Where are your fave places to get beauty or non-beauty stock images? Share them in the comments I’d love to know and check them out.


  1. This is a great resource, I currently use pixabay but will be checking out the others