In fact, the relationship grew when I became a Sheabassador and was getting several full-size products from them to test out and share with my followers. Unfortunately, that’s where things started to go off the rails.

Most of the products I received were new products that SheaMoisture was or had just released. Some of them were older products that SheaMoisture was most likely trying to re-introduce people to. What I didn’t realize, but should have, is most of those products had protein ingredients.

So after using those products several times along with other SheaMoisture products I was already using that had protein ingredients as well, I was putting way too much protein on my hair. Even though I had high porosity hair that liked protein my hair couldn’t take this much. I now had protein overload and my hair started breaking. You see all about my hair setback from protein overload in this video.

While SheaMoisture products played a large role in giving my hair protein overload they also were helping my hair recover. I started using products from the SheaMoisture low porosity line and other products that were protein-free and they helped my hair to soften up and shed the extra protein.

Due to the protein overload, my hair regimen needed to change and several of the SheaMoisture products that helped me get over protein overload were part of the new regimen I was building. And then I found out that several of those products were being discontinued by SheaMoisture.

Not only is SheaMoisture discontinuing the products I was planning to have a part of my new hair regimen, but others as well. Here are the product lines being discontinued that I could find (there are also skincare products as well but they aren’t listed)

There may be more but these are the ones that I could find SheaMoisture recognizing as being discontinued in the customer service section of their site.

Breaking up with SheaMoisture | A Relaxed Gal

For me, this is the last straw. So many of the hair products I use and like are going away meaning I’ll be back to square one when I run out of what I have. And if I decide to replace the discontinued products I’m using with other SheaMoisture products that they won’t discontinue those.

No, I think it’s best that at this point SheaMoisture and I part ways. particularly where my hair is concerned. I don’t have the time nor is it good for my hair to constantly be searching for and testing new hair products to replace ones that are going away.

There are some SheaMoisture skincare products I’m using but knowing that they’re discontinuing skincare products as well I’ll probably need to make sure I find alternatives for those as well.

So I’ll continue to use the SheaMoisture hair products I have until they’ve been all used up and then work to find replacements from other brands that have more stable product lines.