Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation Review

It has been raining new foundations for the last few months. It’s been a bit overwhelming on what to try and what to pass on. Some brands made it simple for me because the foundation formula seemed better suited for dry skin and I have oily skin.

So it’s no surprise that the new foundation I reached for was the Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation. I use and really like the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray so I thought I should look more into what this foundation is all about. After reading about the foundation and watching a few YouTube reviews I was intrigued.

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The Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation says it
  • Is longwear, lasting up to 24 hrs
  • Has buildable medium coverage
  • Has a real-skin matte finish with a breathable, flexible formula that moves with you
  • Is waterproof
  • Has stay-true color

Plus, this foundation also comes in 50, yes, 50 shades. Within the 50 shades are 9 shade intensities, 3 mastertones, and 7 undertones. There are a plethora of undertones available within the 50 shades which is amazing. What’s even more amazing the undertones seem to be true to their name. This isn’t something you see often, even with other brands that have released 40+ shades with multiple undertones.

Because I was so intrigued I decided to visit the two Sephoras that are in the mall near me to be shade-matched and get some samples. At one store the Color IQ tool was used at the other the Beauty Advisor swatched a few different shades on my face.

The result for both was some of the darker shades, 90NN, 91NN, both of which seemed off to me. So I decided to use the foundation shade finder on Urban Decay’s site and came up with a lighter shade 80NN. Guess who’s shades were more accurate?

The foundation finder is really easy to use and provided one of the closest matches I’ve ever had using an online shade finder. You can see me walk through using the shade finder here.

Despite being skeptical I got shades for 90NN, 91NN, 80NN, and also 81NN and 81WY just in case. I swatched all of them and the 81s were the better match. So I decided to try them both. One on each side of my face.

After applying my regular everyday matte primer to my oily zones I applied the foundation and it went on so well. It literally felt like I had nothing on my skin. It looked like I was wearing makeup but it didn’t look like I was wearing makeup. This foundation looked like my skin but better! And unlike other foundations I’ve worn, it doesn’t oxidize or change color on me after a few minutes.

I wore the foundation for several hours as I went out and about running errands in the summer Florida heat. I started to sweat a little bit and the foundation started to look a little suspect. After I cooled down though the foundation looked fine. 

Now I didn’t apply any setting powder or setting spray because I wanted to see how this foundation would perform on its own. When I got home I noticed I was looking a little shiny in the places I typically do. I haven’t found any foundation that is able to stop my facial oil from making an appearance at some point. The key for me is always how long can the foundation help keep the oil at bay. I blotted the oily areas and the foundation looked like new. 

The next time I tried the foundation I used a little powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and it took longer for the oil to peep through. I felt that my face looked flawless and natural throughout the day and once the oil started to peep through it wasn't a lot so it looked like I had a little glow.

Trying the Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation on oily skin | A Relaxed Gal

The shade match is really good. While the 81NN started to look a little gray on me towards the end of the day the 81WY was spot on. I wore 81WY again on its own a few days later and not only did the shade look good at application but also afterward.

It is so lightweight! I literally felt like I had nothing on my face all day. I’ve worn some lightweight foundations before but nothing like this.

I’ve seen some reviewers saying the foundation doesn’t transfer but I didn’t experience that. Not sure if that’s a result of my oily skin or just me.

I’m not sure that the coverage of the Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation is that buildable. It’s definitely medium coverage at best which is fine with me because I’m not a huge fan of full coverage foundations. Also, I don’t have a lot of blemishes on my skin so I don’t have a lot to cover up.

It’s pretty matte. After wearing it for a while I could feel my face feeling a little tight in the areas I applied the matte primer. The next time I wore it I didn’t use a primer that was as matte and didn’t have the tight feeling I had before.

Overall I liked it and would wear it again. I would also buy it and probably use it as my summer foundation. Especially if I’m going to be spending time outside in the heat.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation? 
What do you think?