Did These Hair Vitamins Help My Relaxed Hair Grow More?

As part of my plan to get my relaxed hair healthy again I started taking hair vitamins. 

I’ve taken biotin pills in the past and really didn’t notice a huge difference in my hair so I decided to try some other vitamins with a different formula.

I looked at several brands and vitamins on the market and decided to try out two that are from hair brands.
  • The Mielle Gummy Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins
  • And The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Healthy Hair Vitamins

Are hair vitamins helping relaxed hair to grow? | A Relaxed Gal
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I follow both brands on social media and see posts they re-shared from users who saw good results when taking their vitamins.

The question was what type of results would I see?

I was looking for additional growth, stronger hair, and overall healthier looking hair.
Mielle Gummy Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins
I took the Mielle Gummy Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins first. They claim to
  • Support healthy hair growth without skin breakouts
  • Encourage healthier skin and nails, and a stronger immune system
  • Are great for all hair types

The vitamins are offered in pill and gummy form. I’d read that the pills are a bit large and I’m not a fan of taking pills so I opted for the gummies because they would be easier to take.

You can get these Mielle vitamins from several different places. I got mine from Target. But they can also be found on Mielle’s website. They seem to be about $20 before tax in most places.

There are 60 pills in the bottle and the instructions say to take 2 a day so it lasts for about a month. I started off with one a day to ease myself into them but within a couple of weeks, I was taking two a day.

I was pretty deep into my relaxer stretch at this point and within a few weeks, I started to a difference in my new growth. It was coming in thicker than it had been so there seemed to be more of it but it was easy to manage. I was also seeing less breakage.

About halfway through taking the vitamins, I had a relaxer touch-up. My growth was noticeably more than it had been the previous touch up even though I just stretched one week more than the previous time. My stylist questioned how long it had been.

Another thing to note is that I didn’t see any negative changes in my skin.

About two weeks later I had finished the Mielle vitamins and switched over to The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Vitamins.

The Mane Choice vitamins claim
  • To be a physician-formulated, multicultural, healthy hair growth and retention vitamin that aids in promoting healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  • The formula can also serve as a multi-vitamin and support overall body health.
  • It’s loaded with essential antioxidants to help boost the immune system and energy levels naturally.

The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Vitamins are a little bit more expensive than Mielle’s at $26 a bottle before tax. They can be found at Ulta and on the Mane Choice site.

Just like the Mielle vitamins, the Manetabolism instructions say to take 2 a day so the bottle lasts about a month. The Manetabolism vitamins though come in pill form, you can’t gummies. You can however if you buy from The Mane Choice site get them in powder form so you can add the powder to water and drink it.

I took the pills for four weeks. Below on the left is a pic of my hair on the day I started taking the pills and on the right is the day I stopped.

Hair vitamin results on relaxed hair | A Relaxed Gal

Honestly, I barely noticed a difference in my hair. I wasn’t seeing less breakage, in fact, I was seeing a little bit more than before. My new growth was coming in like it normally does. I didn’t notice my new growth being thicker or more than normal.

One thing I didn’t see, which I was glad not to, is changes in my skin. I didn’t have any breakouts or see changes in my skin.

So did either vitamin help my hair grow faster?

I have to admit, I didn’t do any official length checks. While I don’t feel that either really made a huge difference in my hair growth if I had to lean one way I would say Mielle made the most difference in my hair length and health. When taking the Mielle vitamins I noticed more new growth sooner.

I really noticed no positive difference in my hair when taking The Mane Choice. I kinda thought I would for a few reasons
  • I had taken the Mielle pills the month before and from what I read most people didn’t notice huge changes until they had been taking either vitamin for 60 days. So I thought maybe taking Mielle before could give the Mane Choice vitamins a little bit of a head start but it didn’t.
  • The Mane Choice vitamins seemed like they were a more complete formula and they’re created by a physician so I was expecting more.
  • Also, they cost more than Mielle so to me expensive meant they should be better.

Going forward I’ll be taking the Mielle gummies. That probably makes sense considering I bought 4 bottles during their $5 Black Friday sale.

I think I saw better results, they are easier to take and less expensive. I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to take them but I think it will probably be till I’m happy with how my hair looks when I wear it down.