2020 Relaxed Hair Goals

We are well into the new year and by the time this post has gone live, we’ll have passed the point when statistically people tend to start falling off their New Year Resolutions. Well, I won’t be one of them. Because I don’t set any.

This isn’t anything new. It’s been going on for years. I found early on in my life that keeping New Year Resolutions is hard and most people tend to not achieve any of them.

Instead, I started to set yearly goals and that seemed to work for me. That’s probably because when setting goals I seemed to think about them more seriously and formulated a plan to achieve them. I also was realistic about the goals I set and the related timeline.

When I started my healthy relaxed hair journey I created yearly goals for myself and even tracked them on my blog (you can read some of them here). But at a point, I decided that I didn’t need any more hair goals. That was a mistake.

This year I’m not making the same mistake and am setting some goals for my hair. What about you? Are you setting any goals?

Keep reading to see what mine are.

2020 Relaxed Hair Goals | A Relaxed Gal

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2020 hair goal #1: Finalize my hair regimen

I feel like I’ve been talking about this for months now. Ever since I had my hair setback and realized that my hair regimen was one of the reasons why I’ve been working to change it.

I came close to finalizing it last year but then I found out that many of the products I was planning to include in my regimen were being discontinued I had to start over again.

To make this goal achievable I’m breaking it into two steps:

Step 1 

Finalize the steps and types of products I’ll use in my new hair regimen by the end of Q1

Step 2

Finalize the exact products I’ll use by the end of June.

I’m being realistic with my timing though I hope that I’ll have these two steps completed ahead of schedule. I’ll be sharing my full regimen here on the blog and my YouTube channel so make sure you’ve subscribed to my newsletter or my YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when that content is live.

2020 hair goal #2: Get my hair back to its healthiest

My hair is still on the mend from my 2019 setback and is looking and feeling better every day. But it hasn’t gotten to the health it was at in late 2017 and early 2018 health. I still have a way to go but I am aiming to get there by the end of 2020. That gives me 12 months which I figure should be plenty of time.

To get my hair back to its healthiest I’ll be doing the following:

Finalize and consistently follow my hair regimen

I think this will have the greatest impact on how quickly and closely my hair gets back to its healthiest state.

Get a haircut to address the breakage 

This won’t be a full-on cut off a lot of length cut. It will be one to give my hair some shape since I now have unintentional layers from the breakage I had last year and my hair just looks weird and not pretty when I wear it all down.

Continue with the hair vitamins

I’ve been seeing some good results from the hair vitamins I started taking late last year and hope that continues this year. Right now I’m taking some Nature Made biotin gummies but once I’m done with those I’ll be switching back over to the Mielle Healthy Hair Adult Gummies.