5. Don’t use a lot of heat

Just like your natural hair, relaxed hair can still be naturally dry and can be easily damaged. While it’s best to stay away from heat all together I know for some, like me, using some heat provides better results overall. So keep heat usage to a minimum, don’t use it every day, and when you do use heat use a heat protectant.

6. Still work to keep hair moisturized

There are a few key ways to accomplish this. One is to moisturize and seal regularly. This may mean every day or every few days. It will depend on your hair type and what your hair needs.

The other is to deep condition on the regular. I know for the majority of the time I was relaxed I deep conditioned whenever I happened to get my hands on a sample or had a trip to the salon. Not good.

7. Listen to your hair

This tip applies whether you’re relaxed or natural. Listening to your hair is important because it will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t like. Continually paying attention to and listening to your hair can help with avoiding damage to your hair.

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