Relaxer Touch-up Recap: Has My Relaxed Hair Made A Full Comeback?

I've made it through another relaxer stretch! This most recent stretch was 14 weeks long which was half on purpose and half not. I planned to go 13 weeks but the weekend of my appointment I had a family situation pop up and had to reschedule for the following weekend.

For this hair appointment, I planned to have a talk with my stylist about my hair for a few reasons 
  • I wasn’t happy with my hair texture. My ends were always rough and frizzy and I couldn’t wear it down confidently. 
  • I wanted to disguise the impact of the breakage I had last year by getting a layered cut. My stylist had put it off the last couple of visits.

All of this has made me so unhappy with my hair that I stopped wearing it down, even when I was around family.

Relaxer Touch-up Recap Recovering From Hair Damage | A Relaxed Gal

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So what happened? Did I talk with my stylist? Did we find something to solve my problems? Check out my relaxer touch-up recap video below to find out. 

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