All About Moisturizing And Sealing Relaxed Hair

If you’ve spent some time in online communities in the textured hair world you have probably heard or read several terms or phrases and have wondered what do they mean when they say that? What does that have to do with my hair? How can that help my hair?

I’ve been there and I still have those moments even though I’ve been involved in the textured hair world for a few years now. Back when I first started my healthy relaxed hair journey, I saw someone mention that they moisturized and sealed their relaxed hair. I was like, what is that?

All About Moisturizing And Sealing Relaxed Hair | A Relaxed Gal
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Simply put, moisturizing and sealing is applying a liquid and/or cream moisturizer to your hair and then sealing in that moisture by following up with a sealing oil or serum.

Once I learned more about what moisturizing and sealing was and how it could help my hair, I gave it a try and several years later, I’m still doing it.

Now, why do I and others do this? Well, if you haven’t noticed textured hair tends to be on the dry side, now there are some exceptions but as a general rule, texture hair is on the dryer side. Then when you add a chemical on top of that, like a relaxer, it tends to dry out the hair more.

So to have healthy relaxed hair it’s really important to make sure the hair stays moisturized. Otherwise, the hair becomes dry and brittle to the point that it starts to break. Moisturizing and sealing adds moisture to the hair and seals in the moisture helping with moisture retention.

Because I don’t want my hair to break all off, I moisturize and seal my hair every night. I may skip a night here or there if my hair feels like it has more than enough moisture or I’m washing my hair in the morning.

Ok, so here’s what I use to moisturize and seal my hair

For those of you who are deep into the hair world, you may notice that the products I use kinda mirror the LCO method or the Liquid, Cream, Oil method for moisturizing and sealing.

When it comes to the application of moisturizing and sealing products there are few application methods or orders of application.

These first two methods are the most popular. The first one is a method I previously mentioned. It is the LCO method which means you apply a liquid to your hair first, follow up with a cream moisturizer, and finish up with a sealing oil.

The other popular method is the LOC method - apply a liquid, then an oil, and follow up with a cream to seal. I’ve tried this and didn’t get good results.

Other applications methods which aren’t talked about as much are a bit simpler
  • Liquid, oil
  • Liquid, cream
  • Cream, oil which was my method in my last video that you can watch here

When it comes to which application method you use it all depends on what your hair needs and prefers so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

As I previously mentioned, I do my moisturizing and sealing routine each night. Why do I do it at night? Because after I apply the moisture and seal it in, I cover my head with a satin wrap which traps in my body heat and allows the moisture to better penetrate my hair strands so my hair feels good all the next day.

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