4 Vitamins That Can Help Your Relaxed Hair

When it comes to having healthy hair we tend to focus mainly on the external - shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and techniques. Paying attention to those things is good as they help make our hair healthy but we need to remember that the products we put on our hair can only do so much.

Textured hair, including relaxed hair, is delicate and can be prone to breakage. And without the proper care, it can become brittle and even drier. So it’s important to make sure that in addition to the products we use, we’re getting the right nutrition and vitamins internally so that our hair grows healthy.

Best vitamins for relaxed hair | A Relaxed Hair
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Some ways we can improve our internal health are

There are many vitamins out there that can help with improving our hair health so I did some research and noted some of them in this blog post and how they can help our relaxed hair. During my research, I found there are a lot of vitamins that are good for our hair, so many that I couldn’t note them all here.

One thing to note is that while vitamins can help with improving hair health and growth, they haven’t been proven to increase hair growth. So if you’re looking for a quick hair growth fix, these vitamins will not help with that.

1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great vitamin to take for our hair because it protects the skin from damage. And our scalp is skin. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin meaning our body stores it and uses it when needed.

Because Vitamin E helps to protect the skin its main benefit is improving scalp health. It does this by helping
  • Blood circulation which impacts natural moisturization and nourishment of the scalp
  • To reduce cell damage benefiting hair growth

By helping with scalp health, Vitamin E can be beneficial for preventing and even reversing hair loss and helping with hair growth.

2. Vitamin A

As a vitamin that is essential for cell growth in our bodies, Vitamin A is also considered to positively influence hair growth.

Plus, it helps with sebum production which moisturizes the scalp and also influences hair growth.

There is one caution, taking too much Vitamin A can have a negative effect and cause hair loss.

3. Biotin

This is probably the most talked about and most used vitamin when it comes to hair health. That’s because it’s typically tied to increased hair growth though that hasn’t really been scientifically proven.

Biotin is known to stimulate increased growth of new hair follicles which can slow down or lessen hair fall and increase hair thickness. It can also help with repairing hair texture and improving damaged, brittle hair.

As a caution do be careful with how much Biotin you take as it’s been known to sometimes cause skin breakouts in higher doses.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This vitamin isn’t naturally produced in our bodies but instead is gained via ingestion. That's a good thing though because Omega-3 Fatty Acids function as internal moisturizers which can help reduce dry and itchy scalp.

Other benefits are
  • Helping with lessening hair loss
  • Being a good source of protein that can help strengthen hair strands

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