A Quick Hairstyle Option: LuveMe Hair Headband Wig Review

This post was sponsored by LuveMe Hair. All opinions expressed are my own.

Do you ever have days when you have to go out but don’t want to mess with your hair? Like when you need to quickly run to the store to pick up a couple of things and the amount of time you’d spend on your hair to get it looking decent for the outside world doesn’t seem in proportion to how much time you’ll be spending out?

I have those days quite a bit. Especially on the weekend and days when I’m not working. Well, I’ve found a quick and easy solution and no it’s not shaving your hair off. It’s a headband wig.

LuveMe Hair Affordable Headband Wig Review | A Relaxed Gal
If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed that I’ve tried wigs in the past and haven’t been a fan. The wigs I’ve tried had that fake hair look, were too complicated because I had to mess with lace, or ended up looking nothing like the picture once I got it on. Plus, I’m not really a fan of wearing things on my head (I rarely wear hats).

Because of all of those things, I dismissed the idea of ever finding a wig that would work for me even though I knew it could give me an easy way of doing my hair without doing my hair. When I first heard about headband wigs and saw all of the try-ons and reviews in blogs and social feeds I was very intrigued but hesitant to try one because of all of the previous wig letdowns I’d had in the past.

So when LuveMe Hair approached me to try one of their headband wigs I decided why not. This would be a good opportunity to see if I would like it and share my thoughts with you.

LuveMe Hair has several types of headband wigs to choose from, some are curly wigs, some are straight, and they come in different lengths. The LuveMe Hair wig I decided to try is the Loose Deep Wave Affordable Headband Wig. I selected it because I liked the length, the color, and the loose waves as I like the wavy hair look. It also says that it’s “Beginner & Lazy Girl Friendly”, has a “Super Realistic Look”, and requires “Zero Skills Install Within 10 Seconds”.

When the wig arrived I opened the package and found a pretty purple box with a just as pretty ribbon wrapped around it. In the box, I found everything I could ever need to put on and wear the headband wig. The box contained
  • The wig in a purple drawstring bag
  • 2 wig caps
  • A zippered bag with several items: hairpins, tweezers, and an edge brush (is that what they’re called?) to name a few
  • 5 free headbands
Luveme hair headband wig and accessories | A Relaxed Gal

I have to admit the first time I wore the wig it was straight out of the box. The second time I wore it was after I had washed it. I used a cowash versus shampoo.

Once I washed the wig, let it air dry, and applied a little bit of a leave-in conditioner to it, I noticed a big difference in how it looked. The wig looks fuller, had even more swing than before, and felt softer. So the lesson here is to wash your wigs!

Over the course of several days, I’ve worn the wig off and on, mainly when I go out to run errands or didn’t want to mess with my hair for work. In addition to wearing the wig down, I’ve worn it in a ponytail and a loose bun.

After trying out this wig for a while here are my thoughts
  • It looks pretty and natural on me. Unless you know better you’d think it was hair growing out of my head.
  • It’s quick and easy to put on
  • The wig sheds a little bit but not as much as other wigs I’ve tried.
  • The wig is a bit tight for my head, I guess my head is bigger than I thought as the wig feels a bit tight. It’s not so tight that it’s crazy uncomfortable but it’s tight enough that I haven’t worn it for a full day yet.

Trying on a headband wig first time | A Relaxed Gal

Overall I like the LuveMe Loose Deep Wave Headband Wig and was glad for the opportunity to give it a whirl. I don’t foresee myself wearing the wig, or any wig, on a regular basis, just like I don’t wear my drawstring ponytails on a regular basis. I do however see myself continuing to wear the headband wig when I don’t want to mess with my hair to run errands, want to change up my hairstyle a bit, or am having a bad hair day.

What has your headband or non-headband wig experience been like?