Best Fall Nail Colors For Deeper Skin Tones

Who’s ready for fall! I kinda am. I’m ready for sweaters, boots, falling leaves, and changes in color palettes. There is something about fall colors that I just really like and get excited about.

Because I like fall colors so much, one day I started browsing Pinterest and beauty brand sites to see what colors are trending for fall this year. What I found was interesting because it seems the trends are a bit all over the board.

Different colors of bottles of nail polish sitting on top of mirror.
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Some nail brands are still doing dark saturated shades for fall. Others have released shade colors that are brighter than typical fall colors and look more like summer colors. Some nail brands are leaning a little more into pastels.

Because there doesn’t seem to be just one direction for the nail color trends this year I decided to pull out the shades that I liked, stood out to me, and would look good against darker skin tones.

In addition to your traditional nail polish, I’ve also included nail strips on this list for those who don’t want to mess with nail polish or want to jazz up their nail look without going to the salon.


Red is a pretty typical nail color that is good to use all year round. I found some great red shades that I would love to rock this fall.

Bold and Boulder / Essie

This is a burgundy red shade from Essie’s 2022 Fall Nail Polish Collection.

Decadence / CND VINYLUX

I feel like this shade's name! It fits the shade color perfectly. This red nail polish shade is a CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish.

ASAP Apple / Sally Hansen

This is a red that I typically would associate with summer but it can be worn all year even in the fall. This shade is a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color.


Orange is pretty much the IT color for fall so I couldn’t imagine putting this list together and not including it.

Fallen Leaves Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette / Dashing Diva

This set of nail strips includes a warm burnt orange as a base shade and manicure accents of gold metallic foil and multi-colored maple leaves.

Risk Takers Only / Essie

This is a vibrant orange nail polish with red undertones that is part of the Essie 2022 Fall Nail Polish Collection. I personally think it’s very pretty.

Yank My Doodle / Opi

This is pretty copper orange which is a perfect fall color. This polish is part of the OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear collection.


Since brown is one of the secondary fall colors I wanted to make sure I included it. Plus, this season there are so many different shades of brown available. From deep chocolate-type browns to more muted nudes.

Tea Time / Sally Hansen

This pretty brown shade is part of the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Staycation Nail Polish Collection. As a bonus, this polish includes argan oil which is supposed to provide intense hydration and nourishment.

Wool You Love Me?

This polish from Plaid Reputation Nail Lacquer Collection is called a dusty sand creme.

Humidi-Tea / Opi

This is a nude shimmer. It’s very pretty and a good way to use a nail shade in the brown color family but don’t want to go too dark and would like a little shimmer.


I would typically associate green with spring but when I saw these deep and rich green shades I changed my mind.

Force of Nature / Essie

This is the second shade I selected from the Essie Fall 2022 Nail Polish Collection. I love how rich this forest green polish looks.

Rain Forest / Dashing Diva

This moss green shade is a deep green, it’s not as deep as greens associated with fall.

Mint Refresh / Sally Hansen

This minty green is what I would consider a non-traditional nail shade for fall. It’s from the Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. line which is Sally Hansen’s first plant-based, 100% vegan nail polish.


I love a good gray nail shade and I just realized they are a perfect nail shade for fall. So I decided to include a few more options than I did for the other colors.

Gray / Olive & June

This is a brand sold at Target. Their shade names are pretty simple and straightforward like this one for their lone gray shade. This polish shade is considered to be a warm-toned gray.

Clean Slate / Opi

Gotta throw some metallic shades on the list and of the metallic fall shades I’ve seen, The Opi Clean Slate from the Fall Wonders Nail Lacquer Collection is so pretty. It’s considered a dark metallic gray.

Cement Grey / Dashing Diva

This gray leans a little cooler and looks like it has some blue undertones but it doesn’t lean too blue.

Elephant Grey / Dashing Diva

Another good gray option from Dashing Diva is the Elephant Grey gloss nails. These read grayer and look great with multiple skin tones.

What nail shades do you plan to wear this fall?


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