Mielle Sea Moss Anti-Shedding Shampoo and Gel Hair Masque Review

Let’s talk about the Mielle Sea Moss Anti-Shedding Shampoo and Gel Hair Masque. I bought them during a Mielle sale and they had been sitting around for a while before I decided to give them a try.

Mielle has several hair collections, each one is meant to address specific hair concerns. The Sea Moss collection is formulated to focus on shedding in particular reducing excessive shedding due to breakage.

In this review I'll be sharing my experience with the Mielle Sea Moss Shampoo and Conditioner after using them on my relaxed hair and whether or not I noticed any changes in my shedding.

the mielle sea moss anti-shedding shampoo and gel hair mask lying down
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Let's dig into the products. Per the website, the collection is “formulated for individuals looking to maximize hair retention, this collection helps reduce excessive shedding due to breakage.”

The products contain these key ingredients - Sea Moss and Saw Palmetto which act as "superfood" for the hair and scalp. The collection is made for all hair types.

When I tried these products I started with the Anti-Shedding Shampoo. Per the Mielle website
  • It's a super rich shampoo that will hydrate every single strand as it seals in moisture. 
  • It contains properties that work to promote longer, stronger hair.
  • The Sea Moss removes product build-up, leaving your hair soft, cleansed and moisturized.

To start off I like to make sure my hair is really drenched with water. This helps to start breaking up any build-up on my hair and helps the shampoo really lather up.

Like I typically do with the shampoos that I use I put some into an applicator bottle and mixed it with some water. I applied some to my scalp and started to massage it in.

It didn’t really lather like I would have liked. That could be due to having a bit of product build-up on my hair. This tends to happen when I use a sulfate-free shampoo first.

I wanted to test the removal of product build-up (which to be honest any shampoo should do) but this one specifically called it out which is something I typically see clarifying shampoos do.

After massaging the shampoo into my scalp and hair I went ahead and rinsed it out. My hair didn’t feel “clean” after one lather which is not unusual so I did a second lather with the Sea Moss Shampoo.

My second lather is usually with a moisturizing sulfate shampoo. Using the sea moss shampoo again would help me to see if how it performed for the first use was really due to product build-up or the shampoo itself.

This time it lathered better and I felt like my hair was cleaner afterward but didn’t feel like it usually does after I shampoo. I ended up doing a third lather with my go-to sulfate moisturizing shampoo and my hair felt like it typically does after shampooing. 

Next up was the Gel Hair Masque which 
  • Is a lightweight gel masque
  • Infuses brittle strands with intense hydration to restore health and strength
  • Deeply conditions 
  • Promotes shinier, healthier hair
I applied the masque to my hair focusing on my ends and then I combed it through to help distribute it even further. I left the masque on for 20-30 minutes using my microwavable deep conditioning cap. 20 minutes is recommended by the brand.

I forgot to take some videos or pictures of my hair after using the products so I can’t show you but I can tell you.

After using the Mielle Sea Moss Shampoo and Gel Hair Masque my hair felt good and I was able to style my hair with no problems.

I used both the shampoo and gel masque for 3-4 weeks and overall I like them but I did notice a couple of things

The first is that it didn’t seem to lessen shedding for me. That could be due to me not having an excessive shedding problem.

The products are too lightweight for me. I’m used to creamier shampoos and hair masques which might be why I always had to follow up with my sulfate shampoo. I also noticed that my hair didn’t retain moisture through the week like when I use my go-to hair products. 

After using the shampoo and hair masque for a while I stopped using them and went back to my go-tos and haven’t used them since.

Overall I don’t think the Mielle Sea Moss collection is the right fit for my hair but I don’t think they are bad products. They are worth giving a try if you can get them during a good sale or if you know your hair likes lightweight products.

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