6 Ways To Reduce Excessive Hair Shedding

We’ve all had that moment where we were washing our hair or getting it ready for the day and noticed several long hairs on the floor or bathroom counter. If you haven’t I know I have. 

In the past, I would freak out and think that all of my relaxed hair was falling out (I know a little dramatic). But not completely unwarranted if it looks like you’re shedding more than normal. 

After freaking out questions like “could it be that this season is my shedding period?” Or “am I not doing a good enough job caring for my hair?” 

What is causing this extra hair shedding?

Hand holding shed hairs.
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Our hair regularly sheds and it’s a normal part of the hair growth cycle. So it’s not unusual to shed around 80-150 strands a day. 

Extra or as it’s more popularly known, excessive hair shedding is when more hairs than usual are shedding. In lots of cases, excessive shedding is a temporary occurrence. Many times though this can be an indication of some type of issue. So it’s important to keep an eye on it so excessive shedding doesn’t turn into hair loss.

A dermatologist can help if you’re seeing large amounts of hair falling from your head. If you’re just seeing a few extra shed hairs and nothing in abnormally large amounts then this post is for you as it may be caused by one or several of these causes
  • Seasonal changes
  • Not enough vitamins can impact blood circulation and scalp health
  • Hairstyles that are tight and put stress on the hair follicles
  • Over manipulation of the hair from combing, brushing, and heat styling

While this isn’t an exclusive list and there are more potential causes for hair shedding let’s start looking at solutions. What can we incorporate into our hair regimens to help our hair shed less?

1. Increase water intake

To intake more water throughout the day try carrying a water bottle with you or use a water app that can help you track how much water you should be drinking and are drinking. Check out these other tips for incorporating water into your beauty routine.

2. Take vitamin supplements

You can do this by focusing on specific vitamins that help with hair health like iron and vitamin E. You can also look at taking vitamins specifically formulated for hair health as many of them focus on the types of vitamins that help to make hair strands and follicles healthier. Some hair vitamins that I like and have used over the years are The Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins and Mielle Healthy Hair Adult Vitamin Gummies with Biotin.

3. Eat a healthier diet

Incorporate foods that are high in vitamins that are good for healthy hair into your meals. This can be foods like green leafy vegetables, lean meats, eggs, and seafood just to name a few.

4. Do tea rinses

Natural teas that have caffeine-like black tea and green tea have been said to help with lessening excessive hair shedding. I do green tea rinses every time I wash my hair and I’ve noticed once I started doing that my hair shedding doesn’t tend to fluctuate much like it used to.

5. Decrease hair manipulation

This can be done through short or long-term protective styling. I personally do short-term protective styling by wearing up-dos. Check out these posts for ideas on protective styles - 3 Gorgeous Braid Tutorials5 Great Summer Protective Style Ideas For Relaxed Hair.

6. Re-evaluate your hair routine

Take a look at everything, the ingredients in the products you use, your hairstyles, the techniques, everything.

How have you reduced or stopped your extra shedding?