The benefits of tea rinses

Now that I've gotten serious about my relaxed hair care I've brought tea back into the mix by doing tea rinses every wash day. I do these rinses mostly because of the positive effect they can have on slowing down, even stopping shedding. Not only does tea help with shedding, depending on the tea, it can also help with

Teas that can be used for rinses

There are multiple teas you can use depending on the exact benefits you're looking for. You can even mix teas to maximize the benefits. Some of the popular teas used for rinses include:

I use mostly green tea but have used black tea on occasion. Since I started doing green tea rinses on my relaxed hair I've seen reduced shedding, a soothed scalp, and no more flaky scalp.

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How I do my tea rinses

What teas have you used for a tea rinse?

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  1. I just tried a tea rinse, 2 bags of black with 1 Chamomile tea. I loved it. I defiantly noticed a difference with the amount of hair shedding. I am going to start incorporating it in my regime now.