3. Use a seamless comb

While combing can help keep out tangles, which can cause breakage, the act of combing can also cause breakage if the right tool isn't used. I've been using wide tooth combs for a while. They were combs from the drugstore that did help protect my hair from breakage, but not all. The reason was there were seams in the teeth of the comb where my hair would catch. Once I started using the Hercules Seamless Comb, I didn't have that issue anymore.

What to do when your relaxed hair is breaking | A Relaxed Gal

4. Be careful with the chemicals

This may seem odd coming from someone with relaxed hair, but I'm not saying stay away from the chemicals altogether. Just be careful when using them because improper use of chemicals on your hair can result in some serious damage. And not just relaxers, but hair color as well.

For relaxers avoid overlapping which is applying relaxer to already relaxed hair. For both hair color and relaxers avoid over-processing. Overlapping and over-processing both weaken hair strands even further resulting in breakage.

5. Wear looser hairstyles

Having really smooth and tight updos may look good, but they aren't always good for your hair. Sometimes updos can weaken the hair making it more susceptible to breakage and thinning. To avoid this give your hair a break. It doesn't hurt to occasionally wear your hair out or to loosen up your braids(s), bun, or ponytail. 

How do you avoid hair breakage?

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  1. I am yet to own a seamless comb. Great tips!

    1. The seamless comb is awesome! I didn't realize how much harm my previous comb was doing to my hair till I switched.


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