7 Mielle Products That Work Well On Relaxed Hair

I’ve tried several hair products over the years which means I’ve used several hair brands on my relaxed hair over the years. Some of those brands have become favorites of mine like Mielle.

I have a few Mielle products in my relaxed hair regimen which I’ve done some reviews on. In this post, I’m going to share which of the Mielle products I think are good options for those of us with relaxed hair. Some of them are ones I’ve used before and others are ones I’ve seen other relaxed hair ladies give positive reviews of.
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About Mielle Organics

Mielle was founded in 2014 by Monique Rodriguez, a registered nurse with the philosophy of “healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair and skin.” So all of the 10 collections include “healthy ingredients” like honey, babassu oil, ginger, and avocado just to name a few.

About Mielle’s collections

As I mentioned, and as of the writing of this post, Mielle has 10 collections. It seems like they release a new one each year with the newest one being the Avocado & Tamanu collection. That collection is specially formulated to target frizz triggered by damage, dryness, and humidity.

The other collections include
  • Sea Moss which is formulated for daily or seasonal hair loss

  • Rice Water which was created to moisturize, strengthen and nourish hair to prevent split ends and breakage

  • Oats & Honey which specifically made for those with a sensitive scalp

  • Mongongo Oil which provides hydration, repair, and protection for those who do heat styling

  • Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger provides shine and hydration for type 3 hair

  • Mango & Tulsi which provides vital nourishment, restores and balances moisture in the hair, while improving scalp health and strengthening roots

  • Pomegranate & Honey which provides hydration to type 4 hair

  • Rosemary Mint to strengthen, restore, and support hair length and health

  • Essentials which is a basic hair line and can be used by the whole family

I’ve used at least one product from every collection except Ride Water, Oats & Honey, Mango & Tulsi, and Avocado & Tamanu.

Mielle product picks for relaxed hair

Mielle Mongongo Oil Pomade-to-oil Treatment

What it is
This is a hair and scalp oil that contains ingredients like almond oil, safflower oil, and beeswax to fight frizz and create soft, sleek styles with impeccable shine. It’s also supposed to help with dry scalp.

The benefits
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Controls reversion of straightened hair
  • Is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down the hair

What I think
When I first tried this I didn’t like it. The problem was I wasn’t using it correctly for my hair. When I first used the Mongongo Oil Pomade-to-oil Treatment I used it when blowing out my hair. What I came to discover is this oil works better when I flat iron my hair.

I like that a little bit goes a long way (I feel like I say that a lot about the hair products I use). When I use it to flat iron my hair I get a nice sleek finish with plenty of shine. My relaxed hair also doesn’t feel weighed down so there is plenty of movement.

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Mielle Mongongo Oil Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray

What it is
A heat protectant spray that can be used when blow drying and flat ironing hair. It can protect the hair against heat damage up to 400 degrees.

The benefits
  • Provides Intense Heat Defense™ and Curl Pattern Protection™
  • Protects against high-heat styling
  • Eliminates frizz and adds shine

What I think
When I use this heat protectant my ​hair dries a lot quicker than when I don’t use it. It doesn’t keep my hair feeling moisturized and also looking and feeling smoother. Plus, I don’t experience frizz throughout the week, even when I wear my hair down in humid weather.

I use the Mongongo Oil Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray when I use heat to dry my hair whether a blowout or roller set. I don’t use it when flat ironing my hair as I don’t like using sprays on my hair before flat ironing because I have to wait for it to dry so there’s no sizzle.
I share a full review of this heat protectant here on the blog.

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Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

What it is
A scalp and hair oil that is a nutrient-rich and intense formula that can be used straight from the bottle or as a hot oil treatment.

The benefits

  • Infused with Biotin
  • Use for daily hair care or specialized scalp treatments
  • Features more than 30 essential oils and extracts
  • Helps improve length retention
  • Conditions dry scalp
  • Smooths split ends

What I think

I’ve been using this oil for a while now and think it’s great. It provides my scalp a nice tingle but doesn't irritate it. I can’t say that it's helped with length retention or split ends but it has helped my scalp feel better when it’s felt dry.

One thing about the Rosemary Mint Oil is that the mint smell is really strong and can linger for a while. So I try to not use it right before I go out. I use it mostly as a scalp massage oil the day before or day of my wash, or on a clean scalp after I’ve washed and dried my hair.

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What it is

A daily cream moisturizer perfect for dry hair.

The benefits
  • Softens and smooths the hair
  • Can be used daily

What I think
I’ve used this hair milk off and on a daily moisturizer. It’s a little thick in consistency but also pretty lightweight. When I was dealing with constantly dry hair this helped a lot. I have started to use it less recently as I’ve got a couple of other hair moisturizers that I like a little bit more than this one.

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Mielle White Peony Leave-In Conditioner

What it is
A liquid leave-in conditioner that can be used on a daily basis.

The benefits

  • Moisturizes and conditions hair
  • Smooths hair shaft
  • Helps protect hair from heat damage

What I think
I usually shy away from liquid leave-in conditioners because when used on dry hair they can sometimes leave my hair too wet, susceptible to breakage, and even cause frizziness and puffiness. That’s why when I bought this I planned to use it only when my hair was wet.

I prefer to use lightweight liquid leave-ins on my wet hair and cream leave-ins on my dry hair. This one fits the bill. I like how it smells, how I don’t feel it on my hair, and how smooth, shiny, and lightweight my hair is after it’s dried.

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What it is

This is one of the newer shampoos from Mielle. It’s all about hydrating the hair while also helping to lessen seasonal shedding.

The benefits
  • Seals in moisture
  • Super rich and hydrating
  • Packed with nutrients to promote longer and stronger hair

What I think
I’ve only used this shampoo once but so far I like it. It did a decent job of cleaning my hair though it didn’t lather as well as I like my shampoos to lather. I had to wash my hair with it twice before it started to lather. The reason I think it did a decent job of cleaning my hair is that the other shampoo I used (not a Mielle product) lathered up really easily and more than it usually does so that tells me a lot of dirt, oil, and build-up had already been washed away.

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What it is
This is a hair masque that is a gel versus a cream. It’s supposed to help hydrate and strengthen the hair.

The benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Infuses brittle strands with intense hydration
  • Deeply conditions
  • Promotes shinier, healthier hair

What I think

Just like the corresponding shampoo I’ve only used this once. I was skeptical about using a gel masque as I’ve only ever used cream-based ones.

The masque was easy to apply and it wasn't messy or really slippery which I would expect with a gel. I used my heating cap and let the masque sit on my hair for 30 minutes. Afterward, my hair felt soft and hydrated.

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