My Current Relaxed Hair Regimen

I recently started my relaxed hair journey so I'm still trying to learn my relaxed hair. I'm also working on establishing my wash day regimen and figuring out what products work best for my hair.

My current relaxed hair regimen. |

After reading several blogs from other relaxed hair gals and looking back at what I was currently doing with my hair, here's where I am currently with my hair regimen:
  • Part hair and braid into 4-6 braids
  • Pre-poo with an oil or conditioner for 20-60 minutes
  • Shampoo or co-wash
  • Deep condition under my hooded dryer
  • Apply express conditioner
  • Apply my detangler and comb with my wide tooth seamless comb
  • Apply leave-in conditioner then serum
  • Air dry or under hooded dryer

To narrow down the products I use I tried to figure out what my hair needs the most. I noticed that my hair tends to break, feels dry and rough to the touch and doesn't hold moisture for long. This helped me determine that my hair needs moisture. So that the products I'm using right now focus on that.

Pre-poo products

Cleansing products

The products in my current relaxed hair regimen | A Relaxed Gal: Hair + Beauty + Blogging + Finance


Leave-in conditioner


I'd like the number of hair products I'm using to be less, but since I'm kinda starting from scratch to determine the products my hair likes. Hopefully, as time goes on I will be able to weed out the products that don't work for my hair and recognize the ones that do.

What hair products are you using in your current hair regimen?



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