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Wash Day: 4 Weeks Post 11/11 Relaxer Touch Up

Changes, changes, changes. That's what my life has been full of lately - getting a haircut, moving to Florida and starting a new job. I've been wondering when my relaxed hair would start reacting to the changes. I've been doing a shortened modified wash day regimen because I don't have all of my tools and products at my disposal. I think my hair, well my scalp, in particular, isn't liking it.

Relaxed Hair Wash Day: 4 Weeks Post Relaxer Touch Up | arelaxedgal.com

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The last couple of weeks my scalp has starting itching and flaking about four/five days after I wash it. I don't think it's the products I'm using because I haven't introduced anything really new to my regimen in the last couple of weeks. It could be the water, weather fluctuations, or dry scalp. Whatever it is I plan to do some research and try to narrow down the culprit.

Even though I've been battling an itchy flaky scalp, my wash day went pretty well.


My pre-poo was dry deep conditioning with Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Deep Conditioner.


I cleansed with As I Am Cleansing Pudding instead of co-washing so I could give my scalp a good cleansing.


Next was an apple cider vinegar rinse which I massaged into my scalp and left on for about 10 minutes along with a keratin conditioner on my hair.


I t-shirt dried for a little over an hour, applied Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner and sunflower oil, then blow dried till I was 90% dry using low heat/high speed (similar to blow drying with cool/cold air). Before going to bed I applied some coconut oil to my ends.

Relaxed Hair Wash Day: 4 Weeks Post Relaxer Touch Up | arelaxedgal.com


In the morning my hair felt and looked good. I'm hoping I've started to put a stop to the itching and flaking.

What do you do when your scalp starts flaking?



  1. I haven't noticed any major changes in my hair or scalp. I do notice my scalp is more flaky after co-washing. An apple cider vinegar rinse is a good idea for getting the scalp cleaner. I may give it a try next time I cowash.
    Your hair looks so thick and healthy! I'm sure you will be able to adjust to all the changes. Good luck!


  2. I love how full and thick your hair is!


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