30 Day Ceramides Challenge 1 Week Check-In

How time flies! I am now one week into the Just Grow Already 30 Days with Ceramides Challenge and I have started to see some positive changes in my hair.

30 Day Ceramides Challenge 1 Week Check-In | A Relaxed Gal
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As a refresher, the rules of the challenge are:
  1. Incorporate ceramides into your regimen at least one way. Examples: either by sealing with an oil, hot oil treatments, or using a conditioner that contains ceramides
  2. Join using the sign-up list on Just Grow Already
  3. Keep track of how your hair is improving from the use of ceramides
  4. Share your results. At the end of the month, Jen will do a review post. If you have a blog you'll be able to link your update post to share your results and photos OR if you do not have a blog, you can email Jen your photos and your update and she will include your update in the post.

I have been using sunflower oil in my pre-poo mix and as a sealer after I moisturize. So, what changes have I seen?

1. My hair stays moisturized longer than a day. Typically I'd have to moisturize and seal daily because my hair would feel dry at the end of each day. Since I've started using sunflower my hair has been holding moisture longer and I'm moisturizing every other day.

2. My ends are smoother. This helps make styling easier and gives my styles a more polished look.

Here's a comparison of my ends at the beginning of the challenge (top row) and one week later (bottom row).

Ceramides are great for relaxed hair which is why I'm participating in a 30 day ceramide challenge. See my one week results. | arelaxedgal.com

Have you ever tried using ceramides on your hair?


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