30 Day Ceramide Challenge Results: The Power of Sunflower Oil

I took part in the 30 Days With Ceramides Challenge hosted by Jen of Just Grow Already and Divachyk of Relaxed Thairapy. The rules of the challenge were simple. Basically, we were to incorporate ceramides into our regimen (e.g. sealing, hot oil treatment, or conditioner with ceramides), keep track of the results, and share them in a blog post.
30 Day Ceramide Challenge Results | A Relaxed Gal
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I opted to use Sunflower Oil as my ceramide of choice and incorporated it into my regimen with
During the challenge, I did the hot oil treatment once a week (minus one wash) and used Sunflower Oil as a sealer about two times a week.

Sunflower Oil was my ceramide of choice because of its availability and benefits for hair. These benefits include:
  • The abundance of minerals such as calcium, zinc, and iron. It contains omega fatty acids. As well as vitamins A, D, K, and E. This makes the oil also good for promoting hair health by internal intake. In addition to using it on my hair, I use it when cooking.
  • It acts as an emollient which has a softening effect on hair and helps to prevent water loss.
  • All of the above help to make the hair shiny and more manageable by reducing dryness and frizziness.
I am happy with my results from this challenge. Overall my hair is soft and more moisturized after each wash and stays that way longer between washes. This includes my new growth which used to feel dry at the end of the day before I started using ceramides. Now my hair has lots of shine, looks and feels smooth.

30 Day Ceramide Challenge Results: The Power of Sunflower Oil

I loved the hot oil treatments which helped tremendously with detangling and my hair tangled less between washes. I plan to keep the hot oil treatments as a staple in my regimen though I may try adding other ceramides to the mix.

Have you tried hair products with ceramides before? What were your results?


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