12. Elastic ribbon hair ties

I’m probably the last person, including the last person who blogs about hair to discover these hair ties. Every ponytail I see now is being held in place by these elastic ribbon hair ties.

When I saw these in the store I decided to give them a try. So far so good. They are ingenious but so simple. I had been having a hard time with the traditional elastic bands I had been using before. Despite those elastic bands being no damage, ouchless bands they kept pulling out strands of hair. They don’t pull out my hair like the elastic bands.

13. Hair clips and hair claws

I use hair clips and hair claws as another way to put my hair up when I don’t want it to brush against my clothes. I don’t use any particular brand of hair clips or claws. I just pick up whichever ones are the cheapest at Walmart and don’t feel like they will break after just a couple of uses.

14. Bobby pins

I sometimes like to use bobby pins to put my hair into an updo. It lets me put my hair in a loose bun giving it a break from the elastic ties. I don’t have a particular brand of bobby pins that I like to use. In fact, I get most of my bobby pins from the Dollar Tree.

15. Hair shears

Occasionally I will trim my own hair at home. When I do I want to make sure that I have shears specifically for cutting hair. This way I know they are sharp enough to cleanly cut my hair so it split ends aren’t created. The ones are I use are from the Oster brand from Sally Beauty but those specific ones are no longer available.

Do you have any must-have hair products or tools that you use on your hair?

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