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5 Of The Best Sources For Halloween Makeup Tutorials

I have to be honest with you.

I’m kinda a Halloween Scrooge.

Awesome (and Frightening) Halloween Makeup Tutorials | @arelaxedgal

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Growing up my parents didn’t let me and my siblings participate in anything Halloween related. That meant no dressing up, no trick-or-treating, and my parents didn’t give out Halloween candy.

There were a few times they would relax the Halloween costume rule if there was a calls or group we participated in that asked everyone to dress up.

So since I didn’t get to participate in Halloween as a child I see no reason to go all out as an adult. Now mind you I DO pass out Halloween candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters and I participate in my workplaces Halloween event (mostly because I don’t have a choice).

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What I don’t do is decorate my house or spend lots of time, effort, and money dressing up.

That being said, I can appreciate a good Halloween costume, especially the makeup. Makeup can make or break a Halloween costume.

Good news, I’ve found some Halloween makeup tutorials that will make your costume.

If you’re dressing up as an animal this Halloween you should check out these animal makeup tutorials. I love how animal-like all of these looks are. I think my fave is the peacock.

Amazing Halloween makeup tutorials | via @arelaxedgal

For those looking for makeup driven costumes, Good Housekeeping has compiled 35+ of them for adults and kids. A few of them are complete transformations.

Another good source is Stylecaster. In this compilation of Halloween makeup tutorials, my fav is probably the Trippy Double.

Mermaids seem to be a popular costume for women. I’ve found many makeup tutorials for mermaids. Including this one from HGTV.

5 Of The Best Sources For Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Who loves unicorns! I do. In fact, I'm kinda a unicorn at work (I’ll have to tell you about that another time). Here’s a great Unicorn makeup tutorial from Twist Me Pretty. She also has a mean tutorial for Evil Queen makeup.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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