20 Must-have Relaxed Hair Products For Fall

Some people can tell when the temperature changes by how their body feels. Some of us can tell by how our hair feels. When the temperature starts to dip and the days feel cooler we not only need to pay attention to how we adjust our skincare but also our hair care.

While our relaxed hair can be susceptible to dryness and damage all year long it seems to be particularly amplified during the shift from Summer to Fall. So when Summer starts to roll over to Fall there are a few things I start to pay attention to keep my relaxed hair healthy.

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The first is moisture. While I pay attention to this all year long I pay even more attention during the cooler months because the colder air can zap moisture from my hair real quick. Especially if there’s a little bit of a breeze and I’m wearing my hair out.

Additionally, I pay attention to the hair products my hair seems to like more. I find that rich, thick deep conditioners; and slightly thicker oils tend to make my hair happier the colder the weather gets.

I have a few hair products that I’ve discovered over the years and prefer to use when Fall rolls around but there are also some new products that I’ve discovered that have the makings of being great for a Fall regimen.

Here are my top 20.


If you haven’t been pre-pooing during the Summer you may want to start doing it in the Fall. It’s a great way to add some additional moisture to your strands.

There are many types of products that you can use as a pre-poo but some of them that seem to be a perfect fit for the Fall season are hot oil treatments using a mix of thicker oils such as

Because hot oil treatments can be a bit involved and a little messy we may want to opt for using a rich rinse out or deep conditioner for our pre-poo such as


Since moisture should be a key focus for relaxed hair during the Fall, substituting some shampoo days with co-wash days can help with that. Here are some co-wash option for fall

If you don’t want to opt for a product labeled co-wash and perhaps use something that can do double duty, you can use a rinse-out conditioner like the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner.


When it comes to the times I use shampoo on my hair I lean even more into hydrating sulfate-free ones in the Fall. And not just the shampoos that say hydrating but the ones that actually make my hair feel that way. A couple of  hydrating sulfate-free shampoos to use in the Fall are

Deep conditioners

During the cooler months, our relaxed hair starts to crave more moisture. A great way to add moisture to your hair is to deep condition it. And t do it on a more regular basis like every single wash day versus whenever you think about it.

If you weren’t deep conditioning your hair regularly during the summer Fall can be a great time to start.

While I don’t shy away from using thick deep conditioners year-round I do reach for them more when fall rolls around. Some ones that I like are

      Leave-in conditioners/moisturizers

      And we can’t forget our leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizers. They play a great supporting role in keeping our hair not just moisturized but protected from the dry, cooler air we experience in the Fall.

      We may find that we need to moisturize our hair more often during the Fall and pay even more attention to our ends which are the oldest part of our hair and most likely to be the driest part.

      When it comes to moisturizers there are a couple of types we can choose from - liquid or cream. We can also use both. Whatever works best for our hair. Some moisturizers that we may want to reach for in the Fall include