When it comes to the times I use shampoo on my hair I prefer to mostly use hydrating sulfate-free ones in the Fall. And not just the ones that say hydrating but the ones that actually make my hair feel that way. Some hydrating sulfate-free shampoos to use in the Fall are

Deep conditioners

During the cooler months, our relaxed hair starts to crave more moisture. A great way to add moisture to your hair is to deep condition. And not just deep condition but do it every single wash day. Our relaxed hair may not need to be deep conditioned every single wash day during the Summer the Fall is a great time to start deep conditioning more often.

While I don’t shy away from using thick deep conditioners year-round I do reach for them more when fall rolls around. Some of my current faves are

Leave-in conditioners/moisturizers

And we can’t forget our leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizers. They play a great supporting role in keeping our hair not just moisturized but protected from the dry, cooler air we experience in the Fall.

We may find that we need to moisturize our hair more often during the Fall and pay even more attention to our ends which are the oldest part of our hair and most likely to be the driest part.

When it comes to moisturizers there are a couple of types we can choose from - liquid or cream. We can also use both. Whatever works best for our hair. Some moisturizers that we may want to reach for in the Fall include

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