7 Of The Best Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers

When you start blogging making money isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. I know it wasn’t for me. When I started my blog making any money from it never even occurred to me. That’s probably because the bloggers I followed at the time didn’t talk about making money and I didn’t do a ton of research on the world of blogging outside of getting one up and running.

Fast forward about a year and I found out that I could make some money doing this. How much would depend on me and some other factors but something is better than nothing.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging. The four most popular are
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Doing sponsored posts
  • Putting display ads on your blog
  • Participating in an affiliate program

In this post, I’ll be focusing on six affiliate programs, specifically ones that are a good fit for beauty bloggers.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers | A Relaxed Gal
(This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

So before we jump into the affiliate programs let me break down what an affiliate program is and how it can make you money.

What affiliate marketing is

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is making money by recommending a product or service. While that sounds simple it’s not. There is a bit more involved. You don’t need to have a blog to do affiliate marketing. You can also do it on your social media channels.

You don’t need to have a huge following to get your first sale and can start using affiliate links from day one of your blog. But from what I’ve seen the more successful bloggers have a decent-sized following and have built up some level of trust with their followers.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works

1. Sign up for an affiliate program - Keep reading this post to see which ones are perfect for beauty bloggers

2. Create content - Those who are successful and make some decent money with affiliate marketing write detailed product reviews that show how the product or service is beneficial or helpful. The key is to not be salsey but to be more like a friend recommending something to a friend.

3. Add your affiliate links - Be strategic about it. An entire post full of affiliate links is a turnoff and looks spammy. Also, make sure you disclose your affiliate links.

4. Reader clicks the link - When a reader clicks on your affiliate link they get “cookied.” This is how the company knows about this person and can give you credit for the sale. One thing to keep in mind is that the cookies only last for a set amount of time. For some programs it can last 24 hours for others it may last days or even weeks. So if the reader makes a purchase before the cookie expires you get credit for the sale.

Beauty blogger affiliate programs

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how it works, here are the seven affiliate programs that beauty bloggers should be using.

1. Amazon

This one is a no-brainer. So many people shop on Amazon for so many things. Including hair and beauty products. So it only makes sense that the Amazon Affiliate program is one that should be used by beauty bloggers.

To sign up for the program go to affiliate-program.amazon.com. It’s free to join. After signing up the for the program you can
  • Create an affiliate link to any page on Amazon.com
  • Put Amazon banner ads on your site
  • Use the native ads

The commission you earn depends on the products that people end up buying. One thing to note is Amazon tends to lower their commissions every few years so while you can make some money your earnings could decrease over time.

2. FlexOffers

Unlike Amazon, FlexOffers is an affiliate network because you can sign up for multiple affiliate programs from multiple brands across multiple categories. The programs may be pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale. This means that the commission you can earn from these programs varies because each has their own earning structure.

Three beauty brands that I signed up for under FlexOffers are Sephora, Carol's Daughter, and Black Opal but there are multiple beauty brands that have affiliate programs on FlexOffers.

3. Target

Target is a great place to buy products so it’s a great affiliate program if you’re a beauty blogger. To sign up go to affiliate.target.com. If someone clicks one of your target links and makes a purchase you can earn up to an 8% commission.

Make Money Beauty Blogging With These Affiliate Programs | A Relaxed Gal

4. Walmart

Like Amazon, Walmart is a place where so many people shop, so it makes sense for it to be an affiliate program that beauty bloggers join.

To sign up you’ll need to fill out this application form. Commissions range from 1-4% depending on the product purchased.

5. Honey

This is a browser extension helps shopper easily find and apply coupon codes when they are shopping online. This is a helpful tool to provide to your readers as it can help them to save some money on their beauty purchases. Other features that Honey has is cashback on purchases that is given in the site's currency of Honey Gold and can then be redeemed in the form of gift cards.

You can sign up for the program here.

6. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback site so when you shop online or physically in some stores you can earn some cashback. This can be helpful for your readers to bring down the cost of their beauty purchases. Plus, with Rakuten you can earn for every person that signs up using your referral link.

7. Tailwind

I’ve talked about Tailwind several times. It’s a tool that helps you to pin on Pinterest with little effort. There are so many bloggers who use it and would be interested in using it. The Tailwind affiliate program is offered on the ShareASale network and offers a 15% commission.

If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing start small. Pick one or two programs that are relevant to your blog niche and audience. As you grow your readers and following you can start adding on more relevant programs.

What affiliate programs do you recommend?

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  1. Thanks so much! I just signed up for a couple of affiliate places ❤️

    1. You're welcome! Good luck on your affiliate journey.

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