How To Start A Beauty Blog That Stands Out

When I started my blog I really didn’t set out to become a beauty blogger. In fact, I really didn’t know much about beauty bloggers, what they did, or especially how to be one.

The more I blog and delve into the world of blogging the more and more aware I am of what it takes to grow and maintain a beauty blog. Especially one that has an engaged following. Honestly the same could be said of just about any type of blog but I feel that beauty lovers have so many options to choose from when it comes to beauty - there are Bloggers, Vloggers, and Instagrammers.

So how do you start a beauty blog that can stand out from the crowd?

How To Start A Beauty Blog That Stands Out | A Relaxed Gal

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Over my years of blogging, I’ve picked up some tips through my own experience and reading about the experience of other beauty bloggers that can help with that.

Decide on your spin

With so many beauty blogs out there it can be hard to stand out and really build a following. One of the best ways to stand out is to do your own special, unique spin on beauty.

In a nutshell, what type of beauty blog are you going to be? This will be what your blog will focus on. It’s kind of like a theme for your blog. This spin or theme could be something like budget beauty, or DIY beauty.

My blog started being about achieving healthy hair and while I talk about more than that now it’s still at the core of my blog.

Create your branding

What makes up your blog’s brand is a collection of things - the name, logo, colors, fonts, and tone of voice.

The colors and fonts you chose for your blog are a great way to set the mood for your blog and convey its personality. The tone of voice whether it’s straightforward or humorous is another way to convey personality and grab the attention of readers.

Choose your blogging platform

There are a few different platforms for you to choose from. Each one has its own pluses and minuses. When it comes down to choosing one it comes down to price and freedom to monetize and customize.

The two more popular free platforms are Blogger and When it comes to paid platforms Squarespace and rise to the top.

No matter what platform you use though you need to have your own domain name. It should be similar to your blog name so it’s easier for readers to remember and find. You can purchase a domain name through Godaddy or your blog platform provider.

Tips for starting a beauty blog | A Relaxed Gal

Get a design template 

This is the step where you physically build your blog. No matter the platform you use you will need a design template that you can customize with your brand colors, fonts, etc. This is is how you can make a generic template stand out and feel unique.

While you can use the templates offered by the platform you’re using I personally think it’s better to find one elsewhere. I’ve found that many times the free templates these platforms offer are pretty generic and lack some of the features or elements that make for a great blog.

You can find several beautiful and easy-to-use templates just by searching online. Or you could try searching for a template on one of these sites
Check out my post How You Know It's Time To Change Your Blog Theme to get some additional tips on choosing a design template for your blog.

Start creating content

Once you’ve got your blog set up it’s time to start writing and posting. It’s a good idea to create a few posts before officially launching your blog. You can have your blog live when you start posting, just don’t promote it or drive people to it until you have a least a couple of posts for them to read.

After you have a few blog posts live it’s time to promote them. You can do this in various ways
  • Your social channels - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook groups
  • Tailwind Tribes

Additionally, reach out to others with blogs similar to yours and build relationships. This can lead to a reciprocal sharing of content.

Some additional tips

Don’t feel you need to go out and buy products to review and try every day. Start with the products you currently have and use. Because you’re so familiar with them it can make your first reviews feel even more personal.

If you want to use your beauty blog to make money, you can get it set up for that from almost day one. Start signing up for affiliate programs with your favorite beauty brands that fit your blog spin.

Add Google Analytics right away so you can track who is visiting your blog, what they’re reading, and where they came from. This is helpful information as you continue writing content.

Leverage free tools whenever you can. Some of my favorites are Later for Instagram posting, MailerLite for email, Snapseed for image editing, and RecurPost for posting on your social channels.

And there you go. These are my key tips for starting a beauty blog that stands out.

Do you have any additional tips for starting a beauty blog?

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