Best Apps And Rewards Programs To Save Money On Gas

More and more I’m seeing people asking how they can save money on gas because the rising prices it’s really cutting into their budget.

I’ve cut back on some of my driving because of the higher gas prices so I’m not feeling as much of a pinch as others but that hasn’t stopped me from looking for ways to save some money with each trip to the pump.

I’ve done some research by reading reviews and articles to find the best options for saving money on gas. I found a few options and gave some a try myself to see how they work and how much you can save.

how to save money at the gas pump.
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Now I will caution you won’t get rich or drastically cut back your gas bill by using these apps and programs but it can help to shave a few dollars off each trip and at this point, any savings is greatly appreciated.

Rewards programs

Several of the nationwide or even larger regional gas station brands have reward programs that allow you to save money on each trip or on certain trips to the pump.
I’m part of the Murphy Rewards which is Walmart’s gas station. I get points each time I buy gas or other items (I just buy gas) and when I reach 100 points which can happen quickly I can get $0.10 off a gallon up to 10 gallons.

Other gas stations that have reward programs are

Some grocery stores like Harris Teeter and Kroger allow you to earn points when you shop with them so that you can then cash in for discounts at their partner gas stations.


I shouldn’t have been surprised but there are several great apps out there that you can use to save some money each time you purchase gas for your car.

Most of these apps work one of two ways when it comes to saving on gas.
  1. You find gas stations near you with an offer, select the gas station, and once you’ve purchased the gas upload your receipt.
  2. Or You link your card in the app, find gas stations near you with an offer, select the gas station, and after you purchase the app will automatically add cash back or points to your account.
Below are the apps that I’ve seen most people talking about and/or I have used myself.

Checkout 51

I’ve always been able to easily find a gas station near me with some cash back offer. With the Checkout 51 app, I’ve been able to save anywhere from $0.10 to $0.03 a gallon.

Sign up for Checkout 51


I haven’t used Upside yet as I signed up for it right after I filled up my gas tank and haven’t had to fill up any since. I’m excited to start using though because I’ve seen offers for gas stations I frequent anywhere from $0.10 - $0.16 a gallon cash back.
I have yet to use this one but have seen some good reviews on it. I mostly haven’t used it yet because the gas offers are very limited in my area.

Sign up for Dosh


Things to keep in mind

The trick with the apps is to find the gas stations in your area that are on most if not all of the apps and only visit those stations (assuming they aren’t the most expensive in town). Then you can maximize the savings.

It’s a little trickier when you’re traveling. If you’re going to be in one area most of the time you can do the same thing of finding the gas stations that are on most of the apps.

If you’re on a road trip you can still save. You just need to make sure you activate any offers available before you leave the station.

Additional saving options

Fetch Rewards: You can upload your gas receipt and get points that can be redeemed for gift cards when certain thresholds are reached.

Receipt Hog: Same premise as Fetch Rewards. Upload receipts, get points, and redeem points for gift cards.

Parting words

When using these apps and programs the trick is to use multiple savings apps and rewards programs at once and essentially layer them. The more you use, the more you can save.


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