My Top Amazon Finds For Relaxed Hair

When you're looking to buy some products for your relaxed hair, what is the first site you go to? If you said Amazon then this post is for you. If you didn't, that's OK because I feel you. Amazon isn’t the first site I visit when looking for hair products. Typically I start with Sally Beauty or Ulta. What I’ve found though is even if I start there, about half of the time I end up on Amazon.
shopping for relaxed hair products.
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That would probably explain why several of the hair products and tools I’ve purchased lately I got from Amazon. Because of that I thought it’d be good for me to share some of my top finds for relaxed hair that I have bought from Amazon.

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Bonnet dryer

I’ve owned two bonnet dryers. The first one I bought from a Sally Beauty store. When that one broke I went straight to Amazon to purchase one that I’d seen recommended a lot in some relaxed hair Facebook groups.

The bonnet dryer I bought is the Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer from the Nova Microdermabrasion Store

I use the hooded dryer mainly for my roller sets but I could see using it to dry my hair quickly without rollers instead of blowing out my hair.

I like that this hooded dryer has a timer and adjustable heat settings beyond just hot and cool. It dries my hair so much quicker than my last one. The only downside is that the hood is a little narrow. So if you use big rollers when roller setting you may have an issue getting your head in and out of the bonnet.

Wide-tooth seamless comb

I talk about this all of the time but since I found out about these several years ago I’ve been a huge fan. Wide-tooth combs are a must as they help with detangling and can get through our hair, especially when there is new growth, easier than a narrow-tooth comb.

And when the comb is seamless that means it’s not two parts coming together with a raised edge where the two pieces meet. That raised edge is where our hair can get caught on and break from. Seamless combs are made in a mold so they are just one piece and don’t have any raised edges, minimizing the amount of breakage you can see when you comb your relaxed hair.

The seamless comb I have is the Hercules Sagemann but there are a few others available that are a little cheaper.

Hair steamer

I shared about my experience with using a hair steamer on a regular basis in my post 4 Awesome Reasons To Give Hair Steaming A Try. I think if you have hair that tends to be dry or is hard to moisturize, having a good steamer you can use in your hair regimen can help.

I have this table top steamer. It can be used as a hair steamer or a face steamer so it's two in one.

If a steamer like the one I have is a little too pricey, you can opt for using a smaller face steamer. There are several videos on YouTube showing how to use either one on your hair.

Magnetic hair rollers

When I started roller setting I found how hard it is to find rollers in the beauty supply stores, especially the bigger sizes, and ones that are snap ons. After finding out the difficulty I turned to Amazon and was able to get my hands on these snap on rollers in the larger sizes the Diane Snap On Magnetic Roller and the Annie Professional Snap on Magnetic Roller.

If you like using the magnetic rollers with clips, the Diane Magnetic Rollers are a good option.

Hair products

There are a plethora of hair products you can purchase on Amazon making it an easy place to shop with so many different brands available in one place.

You do have to be careful though when buying hair products from Amazon as sometimes they can be fakes and damage your hair. I’ve read some horror stories of products that have caused hair to break off or fall out because the products were fakes. On the other end of the spectrum sometimes the fake products don’t do anything bad or good for your hair. It’s just simply a waste of money.

I try to only buy hair products from Amazon sellers that have been recommended by others I trust or a brand’s Amazon storefront like Eden BodyWorks. They have an Amazon store and I’ve bought a few hair products from them - the Eden BodyWorks Lavender Aloe Anti-breakage Deep Conditioner and the Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Split End Hair Mask.

Satin scrunchies/hair ties

For a long time I was wearing my hair up in a bun or ponytail every day so to minimize the amount of potential damage a hair elastic could do to my hair I started buying satin scrunchies.

I love the ones I bought. I’ve had them for several months as of the writing of this post and they are still in great shape meaning they haven’t stretched out to the point they are useless.

I love all of the colors and different sizes available. Here are the ones I’ve specifically bought
What are your top finds on Amazon for relaxed hair?

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