Why I've Focused On Health vs. Length

My healthy relaxed hair journey is built on achieving healthy hair by using healthy hair practices and techniques. While some of those practices and techniques can help my hair grow and retain is length, length isn't a hair goal of mine. As as result I don't do length checks, mention how long my relaxed hair is or how long I'd like it to be. Check out my video on Health vs. Length to see why.

Why I focus on hair health vs. hair length | arelaxedgal.com



  1. Hi Leah, This is so me. Whilst I love a bit of length to help with my protective styles such as buns and twisted updos, I am focused on the health of my hair and do not think I have ever done an official length check, however I do set myself goals and one of those was to reach bra-strap length which I finally managed with this relaxer touchup.

    1. Congratulations on reaching your goal! Thanks for reading.


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