6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Bloggers

Spring is about starting over, starting fresh and renewal which is why I tend to get in a cleaning mood. When spring rolls around I start cleaning out my drawers, closets and cabinets. This spring I'm also doing some spring cleaning on my blog.

For me the spring cleaning is a little more intense because I'm also doing a rebranding by updating colors, editing images and creating graphics. In addition to this, I doing some things that don't require a rebrand.

6 tips for cleaning up your blog this spring. | arelaxedgal.com

1. Checking posts for broken links

Including links to related posts or popular posts around your blog can be great for reducing your bounce rate because readers tend to stay on your blog more. They are also great for driving traffic to old posts. But if those links are broken and don't work they can discourage readers so they don't come back.

Going through old posts and checking that all links still work is an easy way to clean up your blog. I've been doing this as I update old posts with my new branding. Thankfully I've only come across a few broken links so far.

2. Reviewing old posts for spelling errors

As part of my rebrand I've been going through old posts and updating the images and graphics. While I've been doing that, I'm also re-reading these posts and updating spelling and grammatical errors. By stepping away from these posts I think it was easier for me to see these errors. To avoid publishing future posts with errors I'll be doing editing 24 hours or more after I've finished writing it.

3. Updating old images

When reviewing my old posts for spelling errors I saw all my old pictures and realized I had been terrible at editing. Several of my pictures were dark and poorly cropped. I don't know what I was thinking. So, I've been going through all my old posts and either editing the old images to brighten them up or re-shooting them in natural light.

4. Adding or updating titles to images

This is important as the title is what shows up when the image is saved to Pinterest. The image title can also be helpful with SEO. So if this isn't something you've paid attention to yet, now is a great time to. Most of my images had titles, but they had my old blog name, didn't include a URL or keywords related to the post. During my rebranding I worked on correcting that.

6 tips for cleaning up your blog this spring. | arelaxedgal.com

5. Cleaning up the sidebar

Sidebars can be an important part of a blog, but tend to get misused. I was doing this, misusing my side bar. I've since cleaned it up by:
  • Moving important items towards the top such as a short welcome message and social icons
  • Removing some adds and other information and navigation hat wasn't getting used

6. Adding multiple opportunities for social sharing

As I spend more time blogging and reading blogs about blogging I've developed a greater appreciation for social media as a traffic driver. So I made it a priority to provide several easy options for people to share my posts on social media.

Some ways to do this are:
  • Install the SumoMe app with share buttons for pretty much every social site there is
  • Add a Pinterest pin me button to your images
  • Ask your readers to share the post

What are you blog spring cleaning tips?



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