10 Of The Best Summer Hair & Beauty Tips

For those of us who like to wear makeup and style our hair, it can sometimes feel like the summer weather is working against us. The dry air and hot sunshine tend to dry out my hair and skin quicker than normal. And the humidity can ruin a good makeup look with no effort at all.

With the first official day of summer a few weeks away I’ve started looking for great tips that can help me summer-proof my makeup and hair. Here are the best of the best -  here's my list of 10 summer beauty tips.

10 Of The Best Summer Hair & Beauty Tips | A Relaxed Gal
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1. Who doesn’t needs waterproof makeup in the summer?

2. The heat from the summer sun dries out my skin, so I have a few tricks for keeping it moisturized.

3. When packing for the beach I use this list of beach beauty essentials under $20.

4. I always keep my eyes open for beauty hacks and these are perfect for summer.

5. When summer rolls around we tend to spend more time at the beach. Here’s how I make sure my hair is ready for the beach trip.

6. I do most of my traveling during the summer so I shared my tips for how I maintain my relaxed hair on those trips.

10 of the best summer hair and beauty tips | arelaxedgal.com

7. I like to change up parts of my beauty routine when the seasons change, so this list of 10 beauty products for summer is perfect.

8. Summer is one of those seasons that can erase all the progress you've made with the health of your hair. So I compiled some tips that can help with keeping your hair protected during the summer.

9. Here are eight great shampoos for summer hair care

10. Love some great nail ideas that are perfect for summer manicures and pedicures

I’d love to hear about your favorite summer beauty tips and hacks. Share them in the comments below.