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Why and How to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

I’ve seen many questions in blogging groups about whether it’s a good idea or not to switch to business accounts on Instagram. There are a few differing thoughts out there, but it seems like the consensus in the blogging groups and among the bloggers I follow is yes it’s worth giving it a shot.

Instagram has profiles available specifically made for businesses. See what benefit it brings to you as a blogger and how you can switch over to one. | arelaxedgal.

The key reason being is having an Instagram business account is you get access to analytics and data that you couldn’t get anywhere else including a personal account.

The analytics you get with a business account include
  • Impressions: How many times your post are seen 
  • Reach: How many unique accounts or profiles saw your post
  • Site clicks: How many accounts or profiles have clicked on the site link in your profile
  • Follower activity: The average amount of time your followers spend on Instagram every day
  • Follower demographics: A breakdown of who your followers are such as insights on gender, age, and location

This is great information because you’ll be able to see what type of work best for your followers and then tailor for your future content accordingly. You can also use those insights to help craft Instagram ads that will have a greater appeal to audiences that are similar to your followers.

Some other benefits of having a business account are
  • More contact info on your profile. You have the option of adding a call, text or email call to action button for followers. You can also add other contact information such as an address, though that is more beneficial for businesses that have physical locations.
  • Easier paid post promotion. Like with your posts on Facebook Pages you can easily select well-performing posts and do some paid promotion for them. The cool thing about this is Instagram will provide a targeting suggestion for you based on who engaged with that post. You can tailor that targeting as well as the budget and length of time for the post promotion. This is great if you want to use Instagram to drive more site traffic or newsletter sign ups.

Switching to a business Instagram profile is pretty easy. Here's how you do it in three easy steps:

1. First off you need to have a Facebook Page. Not a profile, but a page like other businesses and brands do on Facebook.

2. If you already have an Instagram account you can switch to a business profile by
  • Updating your app and you’ll get a prompt asking you if you’d like to switch
  • Or going to your settings in the Instagram app (the little gear in the top right) and selecting “Switch to Business Profile”

3. Update your business contact information by adding an email where your followers can contact you. You can also add a phone number and address if you desire.

That’s it!

Since switching I’ve been enjoying having a business profile on Instagram because of the insights I get. I love having info on what posts are resonating with my followers and which aren't. Before I switched to the business profile I was just basing success on how many likes the post got which didn’t tell me much.

The benefits of an Instagram Business Account | @arelaxedgal

Now I know which posts get more impressions, have a greater reach and my followers engage with. I’m able to take that information and then model future posts off of the top ones.

Additionally, I get information on my followers, such as gender, age, and location. This info is good if looking to do sponsored Instagram posts as brands like to know they are reaching their preferred audience. The follower info can also be helpful for creating ads. If I decided to create Instagram ads I could set my ad targeting using my current audience data. Included in the follower data is info on what days of the week and time of day my followers are active on Instagram. I can use this information to decide when I post so I get the most reach and engagement.


  • The insights will take a few days to populate. Data on posts didn’t start populating my insights page until my first post after I switched to a business account.
  • If you don’t like the business profile you can switch back to a personal one. You just go back to your settings in the Instagram app and select “Switch Back to Personal Account.” 

Have you switched to a business profile on Instagram?

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