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I've used several products and services to help me run my blog and these are products and services I recommend to others. If you're a blogger or small business owner, check out the list of below. Please note these are all products I have used and some of the links may be affiliate links from which I can make a commission should you make a purchase (thank you!). You can read about my use of affiliate links here.

Design and Images

1. Photo Editor: PicMonkey
With PicMonkey I feel I get better editing results with images that have dark lighting. The PicMonkey auto adjust does a better job than other free image editors, so I'll start there and then make adjustments as needed. I also like that PicMonkey has a tool to remove backgrounds from images.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

2. Image Optimizer: Image Compression
Have a slow loading blog is the worse. It can turn away potential and current readers and also negatively impact your income if you've monetized your blog. One of the biggest culprits can be large images.

I've started compressing my images using the free site Image Compression. This tool typically compresses my images by 90% without making them blurry. Because the images are so compressed they don't slow down the load time for my site.

3. Graphic Design: Canva
Canva is an online graphic design software that makes graphic design easy for those of us who aren't designers. You can sign up for a free account and create designs for social media covers, blog graphics, posters and more. I love how simple it is and that I can use my own images or free ones available through Canva.

I currently use the free option, but there is a paid option that is great if you want more people on the account and more design features. I share how I use the free version of Canva to create my blog graphics in my post How to Create Blog Graphics with Canva.

4. Free Images: Stock Snap
The photos on this site are free from copyright restrictions and don't require any attribution. The photos I've used from this site are lifestyle photos or interior shots.

Social Media

5. Pinterest Scheduler: BoardBooster
BoardBooster is an online tool that I used to use to manage my Pinterest profile. While I've moved away from BoardBooster, I do think it's a good tool for those just starting out with Pinterest.

In addition to pinning and looping BoardBooster can help with you with board clean up, improving pin quality and group board management. In my post How to Easily Manage and Boost Your Pinterest Performance I share how BoardBooster helped me grow my Pinterest following with very little effort.

6. Pinterest Scheduler: Tailwind
I switched from BoardBooster to Tailwind. I first used Tailwind during a free trial and liked the features, but felt that BoardBooster better fit my budget at the time.

Two of my favorite things about Tailwind is 1) the amount of data and analytics they provide and 2) they optimized my pinning schedule based on when my followers were most active. If you're a first time user you can get a FREE trial to try Tailwind.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

7. Social Media Scheduler: HootSuite
I currently use the free version of Hootsuite for Twitter to tweet news and posts from other bloggers. By using Hootsuite I can automate my tweets so I'm active on Twitter without having to find time throughout the day for posting. This has helped me gain many more followers than I believe I would have without the automated posting. I've also used Hootsuite to post to Instagram and previously used it for my Facebook page.

8. Social Media Scheduler: SocialPilot
This is a new scheduler that I've started using for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What I like most about SocialPilot are the repeat post features, the bulk upload and that you can see all your scheduled posts in a calendar format. This is helpful for me because I've very visual.

While the free plan of SocialPilot limited to 30 scheduled posts and only 10 posts per day I still think it's worth a try and could be a good free supplement if you're paying for a limited plan with another scheduler.

9. Social Media Scheduler: Recurpost
Recurpost is a social media management platform for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that doesn't just post your content once, but saves it to post it again. As with Hootsuite I'm using the free plan for Recurpost which allows me to save 100 pieces of content for posting. I love Recurpost because I now spend less time creating tweets and Facebook posts every week I've seen steady engagement on my Twitter account.

10. Printable: Blog and Social Media Stat Tracker
This is a printable that I created. It allows you to track your stats for multiple social media accounts each month. Tracking stats is important as it helps you to see your growth over time and what's working or not working.


11. MailerLite
To manage my email subscribers and send emails I opted to use MailerLite. Several bloggers use other newsletter services, but MailerLite is the one that fit best in my budget and also provided the types of features I wanted. I can set up multiple subscriber lists and send different emails to each one. I can also set up automation workflows for each subscriber list without having a paid subscription. I haven't found another email tool that let's me do that. 

I love how easy the interface is to use and the reporting that I get. MailerLite's free plan allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers and paid plans start at $10/mo. So it's extremely affordable for the features you have access to.

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Tips and Traffic Reports

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