Why I pre-poo

I hadn't heard about pre-pooing until I began my healthy hair journey and was researching tips on blogs and vlogs. When I first started pre-pooing I was using natural oils like olive oil and rinse out conditioners by either applying them separately or mixing them together and applying the mix to my hair.

Since I started pre-pooing I've kept it a key step in my wash day. The few times I haven't pre-pooed I've noticed a difference in how my hair reacts and feels during cleansing and afterward. When I pre-poo I'm able to fully detangle my relaxed hair, it feels more moisturized during and after cleansing and keeps that feeling longer between my wash days.

How To Pre-poo Relaxed Hair

Pre-pooing before cleansing chemcially-treated hair | arelaxedgal.com

Products I use to pre-poo

I typically pre-poo each time I wash my hair. It doesn't matter if I'm co-washing or using shampoo. Typically the only time I don't pre-poo is when I'm doing a quick wash. Here are the products I currently use to pre-poo my relaxed hair

Here are some products I've used in the past as a pre-poo

There have been a few times where I kept the product on overnight, but most times I pre-poo for an hour or so and may sit under my hooded dryer or use my Hot Head Microwavable Deep Conditioning Cap to get the most from the pre-poo. 

What do you use to pre-poo?

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  1. I love using coconut oil to pre poo, I use both oil and conditioner if my hair feels extra dry.

    1. Thanks for sharing Candice! Do you heat up your coconut oil when pre-pooing with it?

  2. I usually use argan oil and a moisturizing conditioner.

  3. I've never pre pooed but need to sort out this super dry scalp and dandruff lol. Do you mix a conditioner and deep conditioner or an oil and conditioner is ok? I also heard about honey as well

    1. You can mix whatever you want. I've done pre-poos where I took a rinse out or deep conditioner and mixed in some natural oils. I've also just used the conditioner by itself.