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Hair Health Update: 2014 Year End Part 2

In part one of my 2014 Year End Update I recapped the action items I laid out at the beginning of my hair journey to achieve healthy hair by year end. I also shared a video showing how far I've come. Action items weren't the only things that I used. I had use the tools of the trade - a regimen and hair products.

2014 was the year I built a regimen with products that my relaxed hair liked. See which products stayed in my regimen as the year closed out. | arelaxedgal.com

During this past year I developed a regimen that works for me and can be easily tweaked when needed. I found that when creating a regimen it's partly trial and error, partly listening and learning your hair. I tried some products and steps that other bloggers were doing. Some of them worked for and other didn't.

Typical wash day

  • Detangle new growth
  • Pre-poo 
  • Cleanse (clarify once a month or co-wash)
  • Deep condition
  • Moisturize and seal
  • Detangle

Protein heavy wash day

  • Detangle
  • Pre-poo
  • Cleanse (clarify)
  • Hard protein treatment (every 4-6 weeks)
  • Deep condition (moisture)
  • Moisturize and seal
  • Flat iron new growth (optional; typically only one week before relaxer touch up)

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Post-relaxer touch up wash day

  • Pre-poo
  • Cleanse (balancing shampoo)
  • Express condition with light protein (opt.)
  • Deep condition
  • Moisturize and seal

Relaxed hair heatlh update | Recap of my first year on a healthy hair journey | arelaxedgal.com

In addition to building my regimen I searched for a set of products that would improve my hair. That was something I didn't do before. I used to buy products based on smell, price and brand name. Now I pay more attention to the ingredients, the purpose of the product, where in my regimen it will be used and how often. Here are some of my go-to products:



  1. This a nice concise list of products. Boy did I have to go through a tonne to find my staple products, lol! Nice post :-D I hope your hhj in 2015 is even more awesome than 2014! :-D


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